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What's your innermost football fantasy ?? :)

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Silly thread for silly times.. football related, of course... So, when you think of things that would catapult the Saints to perennial SB' winners, what do you wish-think of??? ...my current watery somnia is the Colts going 19-0 and winning ...

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Merces Letifer
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What's your innermost football fantasy ?? :)

Silly thread for silly times.. football related, of course...

So, when you think of things that would catapult the Saints to perennial SB' winners, what do you wish-think of???

...my current watery somnia is the Colts going 19-0 and winning it all... Peyton addresses the media, thanks the Indiana fans for their support, and states that he's given them all they hoped for, but now it is time for him to help rebuild his city, and asks to be traded to the Saints... At the same time, Bill Cowher is fired in Pittsburgh and signs a deal with the Saints...

..excuse me, I need a cigarette...

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I would love to start at running back on Monday Night Football. Then the world could see my Barry Sanders-like moves. To cap it off, I break 4 ankles and dash 80 yards for a touchdown. That would be sweet as hell.

Another one would be to be a GM. I'd love to go through the draft process and build a winning team.
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Saints have a new owner, headcoach and QB for the 2006 season and all games are played in Louisiana and the NFL commish shows sympathy and tells the new owner he will not be allowed to relocate the Saints for 50 years. Oh, and one other thing, that we win more than 1 playoff game the next 50 years.
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I will start with ...... :08:

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All college and NFL cheerleaders train year-round on my personal fantasy island. Benson dies. His granddaughter takes over, rehires Randy Mueller. AB and Sullivan both get canned, both retire to become bankrupt through inept investing decisions within a year. Terry Bradshaw come's out of retirement and leads the Saints to 4 back-to-back Superbowl victories. FEMA, State Farm, the National Flood Insurance Program, and the Red Cross finally tire of jerking me and my family around - they actually deliver something helpful to me, my family, and my friends. I win the lottery, but I'm already doing so well that I donate the money to other impacted families. Women around the world worship me, deliver Guinness beer, and line up for vacation time on LOE's Fantasy Island.

That about covers it for now.

can anyone help me id this tune? it goes thwap thwap boom tch boom tch boom tch.

Qui a laissez sortir les chiens!
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Scrappy 32 year old walk on from Hattiesburg makes the practice squad at QB in 06. AB gets a gum infection from smiling so much, Bouman gets black eye paint in his eye causing a staff infection...AMAC still doesn't know the playbook, so in comes the 200 pound 5'11 walk on in week 3 of the season. (His name rhymes with basoon.)
The Saints are 0-2. This nobody, uses a weak, but accurate arm and amazing game management skills (40 runs a game behind a retooled O line) to send the Saints on a 10 game win streak. The Saints end up 12-4, hosting a home playoff game at MM Roberts stadium in the snow. The Saints take out the Falcons 44-0, snapping Vick's acl as well as Deangelo Hall (both injuries are career ending). The Saints go on a playoff tear....outscoring their oponents 108-6 on the road to the superbowl.

Nobody QB (superbowl MVP) signs a 10 year deal with Budweiser and his wife is so proud of him that she allows him a full week with 8 hot Japanese women who service him and clean his genitalia after each romantic encounter. He drinks Bud all offseason, gaining 30 pounds, never to play again. However, the smile can't be removed from his face as he thinks he has died and gone to heaven. (A bad case of Brooksitis.)

The 8 hot Japanes girls return to Japan, one of whom's father is a high ranking exec in Toyota. He has Benson taken out by the Yakuza and buys the team, building a retractable roof stadium on the river and employing a real GM.

The Saints become "big in Japan" and the influx of money from tourism helps lead to the revitalization of New Orleans going into the end of the first decade of the millenium. Saints merch is huge. The Saints win 3 superbowls over the next 10 years.

And the nobody from H'burg? He gets season tickets for life and throws parties in the parking lot of the new stadium before every Saints home game. He signs a book deal, releasing "300 great recipes using budweiser" and lives happily ever after with his family
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Professor Crab and
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Uninterrupted peace to watch any game I want with no commercials. And time stands still while I do it.

Oh, and no Aaron Brooks.
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I would settle for just a second playoff win at this point.
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Merces Letifer
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I miss the XFL

Originally Posted by saintz08
I will start with ...... :08:

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My innermost football fantasy? I would buy the Saints and the Superdome. After owning both, I would implode the Superdome, and recycle the waste as bottom surface to the MR-GO. I would then build the Saints a new outdoor only facility to play their home games. The next thing is to make sure the new outdoor facility is filled to capacity, for starters I will offer 25 cent draft and one dollar bowls of gumbo as incentive to buy tickets. Tickets should be reasonable priced, around $30.00 average per person, to include free stadium parking with free tailgating. Free tailgating also includes the opportunity to purchase 25 cent draft, from me, the new owner. (LOL). By 12 noon everyone will be full of gumbo and beer. No reason to invest a single dime on the field, as no one will care. Well, you did say this was a fantasy???
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