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saintswhodi 12-12-2005 08:50 AM

Mike Detillier hits another grand slam

4) When Haslett gets his pink slip from Benson, the move to not let quarterback Jake Delhomme play late in the 2002 season will go down as the main reason he isn’t around anymore.

Late in the 2002 season, it was no secret that starting quarterback Aaron Brooks had a bad shoulder that would eventually require surgery to repair, but Haslett just would not, and still does not, admit that Brooks’ play was affected by the shoulder injury.

In Week 13, Delhomme came in for an injured Brooks and completed 7 of 8 passes for 103 yards, and the Saints beat the Baltimore Ravens 37-25. With three games left to play, the Saints just needed one win to get them into the playoffs, but Delhomme never hit the field again after that outing in Baltimore.

The Saints lost each of their next three contests, and even when the team was offensively bogged down in the season finale against the Panthers, Haslett refused to pull the plug on his injured quarterback.

After watching the Saints lose to the Panthers 10-6 and not getting a chance to play, Delhomme made the decision that he would never get a shot to compete for a starting role in New Orleans and signed a contract with Carolina. We all know the rest of the story.

One former Saints offensive player who is still in the league is still upset over Haslett’s decision to not give Delhomme a shot late in the season.

"It was obvious to all of us on the team and even people who were close to Aaron that he was not the same player after the shoulder injury," the former Saint said. "Haslett is stubborn as a coach, and he wanted to prove he was right when just about every player and all the media was saying to play Jake. Jake would have given us the best chance to win late that season.

"I am convinced that Haz just didn’t want to start a quarterback controversy, and he knew that Jake would have won one or maybe two of those three games. He was always very protective of Brooks’ position on the club, and he never wanted to rub him the wrong way because Aaron was sensitive. I say the hell with that. I wanted to get into the playoffs, and I didn’t care who got me there. Haslett talked as though the team choked down the stretch, but he was the one who choked."

I will go to my grave believing that after he talked Benson into giving Brooks that big contract earlier in the year, he didn’t want to have to tell the "Old Man" that he might have made a mistake.

Who knows what would have happened if Mueller had stayed on as general manager and the team had kept Delhomme, Roaf and Glover on the roster? But what I do know is that they were a heck of a lot better with them than not having them here anymore, and the holes they left behind are still unfilled.

saintz08 12-12-2005 11:19 AM

RE: Mike Detillier hits another grand slam
Looks a little like the 08 conspiracy theory .....

Saintfan where are you ....... :08:

Halo 12-12-2005 02:42 PM

RE: Mike Detillier hits another grand slam
Saintfan is swimming with the fishes.

ScottyRo 12-12-2005 04:51 PM

RE: Mike Detillier hits another grand slam
I agree with what Mike D is saying in most regards, but I can't stand having anonymous quotes like that. Who is this unnamed former Saints player? If he really has something to say he should allow his name to be published along with his comments. If he's too much of a wuss for that, then he shoud just shut up.

I believe Jake should have been playing, but AB was not the biggest reason we lost to Carolina at the end of the season in '02. AB did enough to get us the win and TE and WRs let us down.

That's mostly old discussion anyway.

frankeefrank 12-12-2005 06:39 PM

RE: Mike Detillier hits another grand slam
An un-injured QB would have played better than an injured AB???
Wow what an exclusive.
Mike D's next story... Water makes your clothes wet.

Maybe he should be asking former players... Where do you think Jake and AB will be playing next year?
B/C the way the two are playing now... It won't be in CAR or NO

Before any of you start... How does a QB blow a divisional game in December at home???
Sounds like something AB would do.
"They came in and beat us, plain and simple," Delhomme said. "They played better than us."

CheramieIII 12-12-2005 07:19 PM

RE: Mike Detillier hits another grand slam
Waz up Frankee, and I agree maybe we just need to trade QB's and get it over with now.

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