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DblBogey 12-15-2005 10:27 AM

Player Bonuses

Sun Herald wrote:
New Orleans Saints players will get a $40,000 bonus from the NFL and the NFL Players Association for "performing under unusual and unanticipated conditions arising from the Hurricane Katrina tragedy," the team announced Wednesday
This really pisses me off . . . as if they need it. Any player on the team makes enough money to live in the best areas available in New Orleans. Whoever said that they don't live in the Ninth Ward or NO East is exactly right. There are far too many people both in Louisana and Mississippi who have experienced "unusual and unanticipated conditions arising from the Hurricane Katrina tragedy" who would just love to have an annual salary of $40,000. There are people, and I know this from personal experience, that just pray for some hope to have a sembalance of recovary from Katrina in some form. I will have serious issues with any Saints player who accepts this bonus, given the salaries they receive. Knowing that there are people on the Gulf Coast who have nothing, lost everything and no hope of recovery to pre-Katrina condition. If I was one of those players I don't think I could live with my conscience.

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