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saintz08 12-16-2005 01:47 AM


The HollyHills Group, a leading international real estate development company with regional headquarters in San Antonio, has purchased 10,000 tickets to the New Orleans Saints-Detroit Lions game on Dec. 24 and will donate the tickets to local military bases, it was announced today by the club. The purchase and donation is another generous gesture by a local company for a contest held at the Alamodome this season.

Of the tickets supplied by HollyHills, 2,500 will be distributed to Ft. Sam Houston, Lackland Air Force Base and Randolph Air Force. An additional 1,000 tickets will be designated for the Brooks City Base, and the remaining 1,500 will be distributed to the U.S.O, the V.A Hospital and National Guard/Reserve units.

"We appreciate the community leadership that HollyHills Group has shown by taking the initiative to purchase a substantial number of tickets to the final 2005 Saints game at the Alamodome on Christmas Eve," said Owner/Executive Rita Benson LeBlanc. "As partners, we honor the services and selfless commitment to preserving the values that America holds dear. We hope the servicemen and women, along with their families, enjoy the game as an added treat to their holiday celebrations."

The generous donation swells the Saints' ticket count for the Dec. 24 clash against the Lions to well over 50,000. Long an ardent supporter of the military and servicemen and women, the club looks forward to an exciting atmosphere at the Alamodome on Christmas Eve.

"Thank you to HollyHills and the Saints on behalf of all of the men and women of the Air Education and Training Command," said General William R. Looney III, the Air Education and Training Command's Commander. "Your generous donation has made a positive impact on the quality of life for military families. We sincerely appreciate your thoughtfulness."

The HollyHills Group is a national concept master-planning and development firm. An industry leader, HollyHills has several projects in the San Antonio area, including the South Port development, La Villita Professional Building and Briggs Ranch.

"The HollyHills Group wants to thank Mr. Benson, Mayor Phil Hardberger and General Looney for providing us with the opportunity to partner with the Saints and City of San Antonio in saluting the military community in our region," said Joseph Heitzler, President and CEO of The HollyHills Group. "We are honored to host the members of our armed forces and their families and helping fill the Alamodome to capacity."

A pre-game ceremony featuring a special military presentation recognizing and supporting the efforts of our nations servicemen and women will include Mr. Benson, Mayor Hardberger, General Looney, HollyHills Chairman Dan Bailey and Vice-Chairman Marlene Bailey.

Now for those unfamiliar with this group of low class scum a.k.a. The HollyHills Group , here is one of their latest proposals :


NASCAR. Major League Baseball. The NFL. Shops and movie theaters and bars and restaurants and condos and hotels.

Holly Hills plans to build a sports and entertainment mecca near the SBC Center on the East Side. If Holly Hills follows through on its vision � construction could begin as early as 2007 � it would be good news for a long-neglected and oft-maligned area that needs development.

xan 12-16-2005 09:00 AM

10,000 tickets bought and given to people who aren't fans and who won't show up. A nice gesture, but it would have been more profound if the company had bought 10,000 three game passes. That would have shown true commitment to the community and team. As it stands, that's just money that'll go into Benson's pocket; again, nice gesture. However, that company is competing against the $3.1 billion to rebuild the levees. Saints won't be relocating there because Jerry Jones and the Houston syndicate won't let it happen.

saintswhodi 12-16-2005 10:11 AM

Saints won't be relocating there because Jerry Jones and the Houston syndicate won't let it happen.

Actually xan, Jerry Jones and Bob McNair have already stated publically they would not oppose the move. But that's neither here nor there. This is OBVIOUSLY a ploy by Benson and Hardberger glad handing some of their buddies to attempt to promote a fraudulent sell-out. What a fraking sham this is. And then hiding behind the auspices of "supporting the military." Give me a freaking break. Make no mistake, the military personnel who receive these tickets will go, and Benson will have nice side by sides of Tiger Stadium being empty, and the alamodome being close to full, in his next I wanna move meeting. This is such a disgusting load of **** I am almost sick. Pathetic.

xan 12-16-2005 11:41 AM

Why pick a fight in public before you need to if you were Jones or McNair? They need a coherent Benson NOW for the CBA. The commish is fighting the PR battle for them. Push comes to shove, you think that they'll really like getting blacked out in that area that they'll vote to let Benson move there? If Benson's like all the other guys, they want to keep as much in their pocket as possible. Losing 1.2 million viewers to Benson won't make them richer.

saintswhodi 12-16-2005 11:45 AM

A) Like I said, they both stated it publically.

B) I don't think either of them feels much of a threat from losing fans or households. If the Saints move, McNair will prob lobby to have the Texanson in every household east of Houston on I-10, prob all the way to Alabama. He would prob GAIN a fanbase with the Saints moving West. And as far as Jones goes, I don't think he has much worry about the Cowboys losing out on anything. They are already the most recognized franchise in the NFL. and withthe small market owners pushing even harder for an increase in revenue sharing, he is gonnabe geting about the same television money as everyone else anyway. Plus he is getting shiny new stadium in Arlington, so here comes the Superbowl as well. I don't think either is tooconcerned, and thus feeling free to make the comments they did.

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