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ssmitty 04-11-2003 06:08 AM

looks like the deal will getdone as early as next week according to kffl. smitty

ssmitty 04-11-2003 06:14 AM

according to the tp, the saints have sweetened the deal by including a late round pick in this years draft, and a mid round pick in next yrs, smitty

patman 04-11-2003 07:46 AM

SSmitty, I just posted it in the other safety thread. Yeah it will probally get done after a little more tinkering. My guess it will be #78, 190 and a third next year. if you think the value of the 3rd rd pick next year as the same as a 4th this year. (some teams trade a pick this year for a pick in the next highest rd the following year) the Value according to the trade value charts that you see on the net. is
#54 is worth 360 points

#78 is worth 200 points (this years pick)
#190 17 points
#112? 2004 70 points (the adjusted value of a 3rd rd pick delayed one year)

The Saints offered 200 points the pats wanted 360 the mean value was 280, my sceanrio
has the value at 287, right dab in the middle. So this is where I think everone will end up at. is the address for the chart if you dont have one.

ssmitty 04-11-2003 04:35 PM

when they say mid round i alway look after the 3rd. i would be very suprised if it were a 3rd, smitty

patman 04-11-2003 07:44 PM

Then I would be very suprised to see it done.

D_it_up 04-11-2003 08:20 PM

This is a column I just read on about this subject...Not sure if anyone has posted it or not, but here it is:

Tebucky marching for the Saints? The deal that would send New England free safety Tebucky Jones to the New Orleans Saints is inching ever closer to culmination. While the Pats have maintained they will keep their designated \"franchise\" safety rather than surrender him for a below-market offer, there is an air of compromise from both sides, and that figures to allow the swap to be completed. Patriots officials have been seeking a second-round choice for Jones and the Saints had been offering just a third-rounder. New Orleans in recent days revised its offer, and now seems willing to include a late-round pick this year and another choice in the 2004 draft, to go with this year\'s third-round choice. That might be enough to turn the Patriots\' heads. As noted here in the past, Saints general manager Mickey Loomis and agent Gary Wichard weeks ago reached an agreement in principle on a contract for Jones. If the deal goes through, Jones will get a five-year contract worth about $18.75 million, with a signing bonus of $5 million and second-tier option bonus of $1 million. After the trade wasn\'t struck at the annual league meetings in March, it became apparent that talks probably wouldn\'t resume until just before the draft, and talks figure to intensify next week

ssmitty 04-13-2003 07:45 PM

now who was it who said n.e. would get a 3rd next yr and not a fourth or the deal would not get done ............hmmmmmmmmm.....smitty

patman 04-13-2003 07:56 PM

Well smitty you said it was a mid rd pick. you did not say what round. What do you call a mid round pick. My guess is that you divide it up into increments of 70.
1-70 early rd, 70-140 mid 140-210 late . It is a good deal for both teams. we got three draft choices for a player that was not signed and the saints got a big, fast saftey that can intimidate.

BlackandBlue 04-14-2003 08:06 AM

If the reports I\'m reading are true, a 3rd and 7th this year, and a 4th next year. Ok, that sounds good, was just glad that they didn\'t give away the 2nd pick.

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