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Phillip Rivers to Saints!

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I believe the saints should trade for Philliip Rivers of the Chargers to be the starting QB next year. He was a first round pick, and has NFL experience already and has more upside than an older free agent qb ...

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Phillip Rivers to Saints!

I believe the saints should trade for Philliip Rivers of the Chargers to be the starting QB next year. He was a first round pick, and has NFL experience already and has more upside than an older free agent qb or drafting a qb in the first round. I also feel the saints should trade down a few spots from whatever position they end up in and pick up some extra picks. Our first round pick should be on an Impact linebacker. I also feel howared should be franchised again and Traded this time for a pick even if its 5th or 6th round. Geaux Saints Back in the Dome in 06!!!
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RE: Phillip Rivers to Saints!

I wouldn't trade down if all it meant was getting another 2nd, 3rd or 4th. That just doesn't seem worth it to me.

No one's going to want to pay Darren Howard top 5 money so we can't franchise and trade, IMO.

Uncertain about Rivers.
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I opine the following;

IF, Haz is gone
IF, Brooks is gone
IF, Sheppard is gone (with Haz)

Then I would expect any new head coach and OC would want a QB that fits with their offense, scheme, and style. This could be, or might not be, Rivers or any other QB speculation at this time.

For sure, if I were the new head coach, I certainly would be looking to make significant changes to both the Saints offense and defense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Read my rationale below.
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Rivers has no NFL experiance except from the bench... don't get me wrong I don't care but that will cost us major draft picks. I don't know if I am ready to do that unless its to get us more picks. We need help!!! If Reggie Bush is gone when we pick I think we need to trade down and pick up more picks... we need help and one or 2 people isn't going to get us anywheres.
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Let's see how the draft position ends up before pinning hopes to a bench warmer. Not being able to knock out Drew Brees isn't an endorsement (no offense Mr. Brees). I'm with Euph, let's get as much help as possible, cuz we're gonna need it.
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Sry guys but if Leinart is there we cant pass on this guy im telling yall i have watched him play he is something special !!!!!!!!
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i just dont see the point in trading for someones backup... if he isnt good enough to start in san diego what makes u think that he would be good enough to start here....o wait... nvm... i forgot what team i was talking about...... but seriously... i think that if we are able to get one of the top 2 qbs in the draft then we should go that route b/c there is still a chance that rivers really isnt as good as promised.. and i would rather sign a veteran qb for a couple years to a modest deal and take a chance on a rookie then a bench warmer for 3 years.... for a couple reasons... #1 both rookies will be younger... and #2 both rookies will most certianly be more highly decorated then rivers was coming out of college.... Leinert... as much as i hate him is just a winner and a leader... he controls that huddle in a way that i havent seen out of a college qb and we really need that..... and young he is just a freak... that guy will be something special if he has the desire to be the best....#3 rivers held out of training camp when he first got into the leauge.... b/c he wanted #1 pick money like eli got... thats shows me that he is already a me first player... and we have enough of those already...#4 both cincy and the Giants did this with their #1 pick qbs by signing kitna and kurt warner respectively and they are doing pretty well atm with their rookies........

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The Saints are in a very bad spot at QB. Not only will they need to find a starter, they will also need a quality backup. Trading for Rivers might be one of their only options. If that does happen, lets hope the Saints do not have to give up too much to get him. If the Saints are able to draft Leinart it still puts them in a bad spot for a couple years. One thing that may help the situation is to have McPherson land a starting gig in NFL Europe. He needs the experience in a bad way, because right now he is not ready to assume any major role in an NFL offense. In all situations, a veteran QB is going to be needed in a bad way to either start for a couple years, or provide a safety net as a backup. Unfortunately, there is going to be a very limited pool of quality veteran QB's to fit this type of roll.
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Archie manning is coming back to play
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A-MAC in NFLE, that sure would be something. Then I would actually consider going down to Germany just to watch him play. And to bring some beer home
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