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stockman311 12-30-2005 11:17 AM

Tags saves New Orleans...for at least one year.
Tags and Benson have come to an agreement to move the team back to New Orleans/Baton Rouge for 2006.
My opion is the conversation went something like this:
Tags: Your moving back to New Orleans
Benson: No I'm not
Tags: Yes you are!
Benson: I'll sue the league
Tags: You will lose and force me to remove you from ownership
Benson: I can't make my usual huge profits in that poop pit of a city
Tags: Maybe not. Your going back for at least one year. The positive spin the league will get for this will overcome any loss you may face.
Benson: This sucks. I was in bed with Phil Harbenger last night and before we performed tummy sticks on each other he said I would win a lawsuit against you. I want to make some more millions in San Antonio
Tags: Harbenger is a redneck ass clown and just because you choose to bed down with him doesn't mean his city will ever get an NFL team. This team is going to L.A. in a few years and I'm not letting some hillbilly South Texas town ruin my plans
Benson: Fine, I will go back to that stinkbowl for one year, but don't expect me to show up for games, market tickets, sign free agents, or draft anyone in the top ten. I'm promoting Venturi to head coach and I'm hiring Meatloaf to be my new GM, he hasn't had a gig since Fightclub
Tags: Good luck with your senility.

saintswhodi 12-30-2005 11:30 AM

Funny, funny stuff. :lol:

Here's how it really went though:

Benson: I am moving to San Antonio
Tags: It's a small market
Benson: it's larger than New Orleans, which is now the smallest market in the US
Tags: The league is not gonna let you tarnish it's image by moving this team now
Benson: Well, then i'll sue
Tags: Okay, here's the deal. You know and I know ticket sales will be atrocious in Louisiana. But we have to put up a good front. Back down now, and if ticket sales for next season are as bad as they were this year in BR, we'll let you move with no problem and say we gave it a shot.
Benson: But i'll still lose money.
Tags: We'll have the other owners subsidize next season. All of them will be on board with the team moving once they see it will come out of their pockets to keep this team afloat. You'll be fine.
Benson: Okay.

The moral of the story is, get your and everyone you know's asses in the seats next season. No ifs ands ot buts. Force the league to committ to New Orleans long term, by showing we can still support this team. Give Benson no rights to move. He already had one foot out the door, does anyone reallybelieve he backed down this easily without some kinda backdoor deal? Tom Benson? Hell no. We need to sell that sucker out next season, BR or NO.

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