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Now is the time....

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I agree with 08, I would donate some money, but I would have to borrow from Dad first. I know he would give it to me. Hey Dad where you at I need some money man....

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I agree with 08, I would donate some money, but I would have to borrow from Dad first. I know he would give it to me. Hey Dad where you at I need some money man.
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Damn good idea.
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I'll contribute. One caveat though - I'll only contribute to current members (obviously). By that, I mean I will not contribute to someone who's been previously banned but comes back and logs back in with a new handle. Dunno if there's a way to catch that, but I think you know what I mean.

Not that anyone would ever attempt that....
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Originally Posted by JOESAM2002
Good idea 08. Count me in.
Oh , Halo .................

I have need of your creative skills , something nice to measure the money received .

Another great thought would be , Black and Gold tank tops and T shirts with proceeds going to aid our effort . ( Insert animation of Halo chasing 08 with a baseball bat for another one of 08's ideas ).

Hope you have a P.O. Box handy Halo ......
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hey i never have seen a saints game or an nfl game. i am cash strapped outisde new orleans. lol.
just playing. lets give it to some people with kids. send the kids out to a game. not just the kids but someone with kids. get them some tickets and good food and good parking. someone would have to figure a way to make sure we get a good family as a canidate. am i wrong? well get it going and get some info out.
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Originally Posted by saintz08
Hey , now I have a great idea . ( Halo just cringed )

B and G donations , we could take poster donations to buy a pair of season tickets for someone who is cash strapped in New Orleans .

Get one of those cool thermometer grapics to represent the money collected towards the goal , and next year someone gets to go .

A way for out of staters to help keep the Saints in New Orleans and help a fellow Saints fan out ......

Wow!!! What a great idea! I'm definately in! It's amazing to see just how awesome Saints fans really are. And Joe Horn says that the fans in New Orleans aren't real fans & that we don't stick by the Saints when their losing. Hey Joe, go f*\k yourself!!!!!! We've been putting up w/ sucky teams for 40 years & we still sell the Dome out annually. How many fans of other teams in football do you think would do that? I don't see San Francisco & Baltimore fans selling out their buildings like they did when they were winning. O.K., O.K., I'm ranting. It's just nice to prove loud mouth morons like Joe Horn wrong. Way to go guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


-G.I. Joe
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hey joe score a td
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This kid Smith is nice...
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I will definitely be getting season tickets again -- and would be happy to donate money to get season tickets for others -- Lat year the motto was gotta have faith -- this year I think it should be --Win for the City
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It's nice to see you guys drumming up some support for next year. I'm already making some plans to get to some games next year to try to show some support.

One thing I'll commit to right now (mods hold me to this).

I will buy a pair of tickets for at least one Saints game that I can't get to (in LA). Maybe for a couple of kids or a displaced couple of rabid saints fans. As the season nears, I'll be glad to take some suggestions from some locals as to who gets the tix. I will be glad to do this under the BnG banner as I think the guys who run this site bust their asses and are true Saints fans in every sense.

I'm a man of my word...like I said...mods hold me to it
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