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iceshack149 04-14-2003 10:34 PM

Linebackers in the draft
I got these comparisons from I hope that one of them will be available to the Saints on draft day.

Analysis: E.J. Henderson
Positives: Strong athlete with good quickness, balance, agility and body control... Learns schemes easily and calls defensive assignments...Plays tough and comes back quicker than expected from injuries...Very strong and physical with his hands, using them with force to shed as he does not allow blockers to get into his body...Has superb field vision and anticipation skills, showing a smooth change of direction as he flows to the play...Has excellent sideline range, using his instinctive nature to get an explosive jump on the ball... Shows above average hand reflexes to deflect the pass or intercept the ball...Has the speed to cover the tight ends and slot receivers, showing determination and awareness in zone coverage...Very disruptive on the blitz, powering through blocks while generating a quick closing burst on the quarterback...Above average inline tackler who follows through his hits with power...Contributes on special teams, serving as the right guard on the punt unit...Has the quickness to play outside in the over scheme...Attacks the line well, staying on his feet when jumping over trash...Stout and leveraged at the point of attack, showing the strength needed to stack and control blocks.
Negatives: Has good power, but needs to dedicate more hours in the weight room...Even though he has suddenness and awareness in his play, he does run around at times rather than stepping up to initiate contact...Makes up for a lack of blazing speed with quickness Shows good purpose in zone coverage taking on the tight ends, but does not have the deep speed needed for long pursuit...Needs to work on his foot work, as he will step underneath at times, which slows him down a bit...Gets overaggressive at times, taking a wrong angle in pursuit...Sometimes overruns and misses the play working in space.

Analysis: Boss Bailey
Positives: Great worker in the weight room with good speed and quickness...Stays on his feet and uses his hands effectively to defeat low blocks getting through traffic...Has good recovery speed and the range to get deep in his pass drops...Shows good short area ball awareness running with the tight ends and tailbacks in the underneath routes...Has the natural hands needed for the interception...Hit-&-run type of tackler who works best in space...Flashes the burst needed to close on the play from the backside...Better suited to play on the weakside, where he can utilize his athleticism in pass coverage...Does a nice job of shuffling through the inline trash...Has the ability to backpedal and turn in pass coverage...Shows excellent leaping ability combating for the ball.
Negatives: Lacks bulk to stack at the point of attack...Needs to show more toughness when taking on blocks, as he gets engulfed by the larger blockers due to his poor playing strength (weight room figures do not translate on the field)...Will step around trash rather than step up to initiate contact working inline...Needs to use his hands better to shed, as blockers tend to get into his chest to get driven away from the hole...Has marginal move- ment in his pass rush (more of a straight-line attack)...Has good recovery speed, but is slow to react to a play directed right in front of him, as he lacks the leg drive to hold ground at the point of attack...Little stiff in the hips and while weight room strong, he looks a little thin in his upper body frame...Seems a step slow when having to change direction.

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