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TallySaint 12-31-2005 08:26 PM

I don't know all there is to know about activation from the practice squad.

If A-Mac is a possibility at starting next year, why wasn't he activated for, at the very least, sharing time with Bouman?

I'll shut up an listen. Thanks in advance for your responses.


D_it_up 01-01-2006 09:16 AM

RE: A-Mac?
I'm not sure what the deal on that is with A-Mac. IMHO, if the Saints do NOT draft a QB and go after a veteran free agent, they should give him the chance to at least be the back-up and groom him to be the starter. I'm just not sold on the idea of him being the future of the Saints at the QB position.

TallySaint 01-01-2006 01:56 PM

I see A-Mac suited up on the sideline for the Bucs game. Maybe he's played some the last few games and I just didn't catch it.

I dunno.


hagan714 01-01-2006 05:04 PM

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AllSaints 01-01-2006 05:57 PM

A-Mac didnt play any today ....... Bouman as we can see is not stargin QB material!!!

Euphoria 01-01-2006 06:00 PM

no Bouman is a career back up at best.

BoudinSandwich 01-02-2006 06:33 AM

Maybe they don't want to expose McPherson's talent to the league. That's my guess.

jrmllb 01-02-2006 10:32 AM

I think that they are hoping they can turn Bouman into a starter...The Saints organization is that stupid!!!

MordorIV 01-02-2006 11:15 AM


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