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curlylouis 01-01-2006 08:40 PM

The 2006 Saints
I am a native New Orleanian and a long time Saints fan who has been following this season from Chattanooga,Tn where I evacuated to from Katrina, and I have to say, that this season isn definitely not a season we want to remember. I am glad they will return to N.O. and have a few suggestions as to who should stay and who should go. I think Benson should clean house as he did in 2000 after the team went through a 3-13 season under Ditka. I think the Saints should hire someone like Terry Bradshaw to be general manager. He is a football minded person who knows what a championship team looks like and has 3-4 Super Bowl rings to back him up. Here are my candidates for head coach:

Steve Marriuci, Dennis Green, Denver O.C. Gary Kubiack and Seattle's D.C. Ray Rhodes.
For Saints O.C. I would hire Mike Martz, for D.C. Jim Haslett.
Secondly, I would not use the number two pick for Matt Leinhart. What about AMac? Isn't he the future of the Saints? I would get rid of Brooks and Bowman and sign a veteran qb to start next season and to work with AMac to get him ready for the future. Isn't there any good defense players that are high first round quality? Just my opinion

spkb25 01-01-2006 08:47 PM

RE: The 2006 Saints
well i think that ray rhodes in his two chances as a head coach has proven that is a bad step. so no to rhodes. rhodes as a d coor. yes. we do need to clean house and only keep core guys. brooks isn't one of them. i would actually keep hakim. he hasn't been bad as a fill in but it depends on what he is making but i would assume that isn't much. we do need a football guy as a gm. then again look at matt millen. dennis green i wanted the yuear he went to arizona. what about steve young as a gm. not saying i know one way or another how that would work out but i like the guy. think he knows what he is talking about.

MordorIV 01-01-2006 11:19 PM

RE: The 2006 Saints
Offense i think is realy what the Saints need this year not a duff OLB or LB on D but a QB that can play not a LOng vet who might retire in two to 5 years and not really give the Saints nothing, Get either Bush or Leinart. then pick up some WR so you can have Leinart throw, if Leinart is taken get another top ranked QB that can pass and run.

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