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tiggerpolice 01-02-2006 03:31 PM

McPherson ready to get back to work

McPherson ready to get back to work

Now that the season is over for the Saints' third-string quarterback, he knows he has to improve his game.


TAMPA -- For Adrian McPherson, the season begins Tuesday.

McPherson just completed his rookie season as the third-string quarterback with the New Orleans Saints on Sunday following a 27-13 setback to the NFC South Division champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers in front of 15 family and friends among the announced 65,379 fans at Raymond James Stadium.

The former Southeast High, Florida State University and Arena League QB will begin working Tuesday with Steve DeBerg, his former coach with the AFL's Indiana Firebirds.

"A heavy dose of off-season training. I can tell you that much," McPherson said on what his future holds. "I feel like I need to get better, and I know that's the guy who's going to push me to the limit and push me to get better every day."

Despite playing nine games with the Seminoles, the Saints made McPherson their fifth-round pick during last year's draft.

The former Mr. Football and Mr. Basketball in Florida while at Southeast, McPherson didn't take a snap in a game this season, but doesn't consider the season a waste.

"Not at all," McPherson said. "For any rookie quarterback, the best thing to do is monitor. You don't know the speed of the game. You don't know the terminology. You don't know a lot of different things. You're just watching and learning."

McPherson watched and learned form Aaron Brooks, who opened the season as the Saints' starting quarterback, and then Todd Bouman, who opened the final three games.

"Both have very strong arms and make all the throws," McPherson said. "Aaron can move a little better than Todd, but Todd does a great job in the pocket, getting the ball to the receivers. Aaron brings the other dimension of running. So I learned from him when to stay in the pocket and when to try to make something happen with my feet.

"I got to learn from those guys watching day in and day out in practice. Watching some of the great things they do and some of the mistakes they make can only benefit me."

McPherson took notes on both.

"Watching those guys this year and going home and training, I think I'll have a lot better grasp coming in next year," McPherson said.

McPherson did take snaps during the week, working as the scout quarterback, meaning he impersonated the opposing team's signal caller.

"I thought I progressed," he said.

While he had no favorites to imitate, McPherson hated the two weeks leading up to the Saints' game against . . . against Atlanta.

"I didn't like (playing) Michael Vick," McPherson said. "They would tell me to take the snap and just run. It got pretty tiring."

McPherson said the biggest lesson he learned this season was patience.

"Every football player comes to the team, and they want to play," McPherson said. "The biggest thing for me is to be patient and learn as much as possible. I was a sponge. I got to see so much this year."

Still, there were times, he said, where it was downright frustrating standing on the sideline monitored into the plays through only a headset.

"I think a little bit deep down inside, because everyone wants to play," McPherson said. "But, now I can go home, look over my notes and do whatever it takes to become a better player next year."

That training begins Tuesday.

"I don't know a lot, but I know I'll come back a better quarterback, and I'll have a lot better knowledge of the game," McPherson said.

The Saints haven't told McPherson whether or not he will be going to play in NFL Europe to gain more experience.

"Nobody's said anything," McPherson said. "The bottom line is I want to get on the field. Whatever it takes to get there, that's what I'm going to do."

TheDeuce 01-02-2006 04:02 PM

RE: McPherson ready to get back to work

Aaron brings the other dimension of running. So I learned from him when to stay in the pocket and when to try to make something happen with my feet.
Yikes, maybe we should have just told him to watch the Colts or the Bengals play so he could see some real quarterbacks.

Also, am I the only one who feels screwed because of yesterday's game? After halftime, one of the Fox guys said that McPherson would make an appearance sometime in the second half, and he never did. What a crock of crap. Oh well, I guess him competing with Matt Leinart for the starting QB job will be pretty interesting.

jrmllb 01-03-2006 09:05 AM

RE: McPherson ready to get back to work
That is scary, there isn't much I would want him learning from AB or Bouman...DeBerg was a great pocket passer...glad he will be olearning from him and not from AB in the off season...

saintswhodi 01-03-2006 09:42 AM

I think you guys pretty much said it all. He's screwed, time to move on. :lol:

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