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TheDeuce 01-03-2006 06:41 PM

The Beginning of Something Great?
A few months ago, I, like many other posters here on this fine site, expressed our wishes for a change with the ways of the Saints over the last five years. We were tired of mediocrity, being 8-8, being labeled "that talented team who's too dumb and undisciplined to do anything with it. " I wished for the Saints to have a winning season and get into the playoffs first and foremost, but I also knew that if we weren't going to get in, then I would rather see us totally tank so that there would be some changes in the organization and allow us to climb over the hill. So now, looking back over a 3-13 season, I ask "Is this the beginning of something great for the Saints?" Our coach has been fired, and even though he might be fiery and intense and good with the players, pretty much anybody Loomis will bring is going to immediately boost the discipline and football smarts on this squad. Also, with the departure of Haslett (according to Loomis' press conference), the Saints will be treated to whichever assistant coaches the new head coach wants. This is great because it could mean an end to the Venturi era. Also, Sheppard could be gone, and although he might not be retarded like Venturi, I still don't think he should have the reins of a NFL team's offense. Additionally, it looks that Brooks will be long gone soon. For the first time in several years, the coaching staff had enough cajones to bench the beloved "Human Turnover." This is something that shows that they are willing to do what it takes to win, even if it means putting in a less talented Todd Bouman in hopes that a change would bring success. If Brooks is gone, there is a possibility that the Saints can draft Matt Leinart, who in my eyes, is a type of guy who will be a franchise player, maybe somewhere in between Carson Palmer and Peyton Manning. If the Saints go a different route by trading down for AJ Hawk or somebody else, or even reaching for Reggie Bush, there is a possibility that they will try to add a veteran QB for next year. Although this wouldn't be as good of a move IMHO, it could turn out to be very good depending on the picks/players that we would trade our #2 pick for. Anyways, even though there are still plenty of questions for this team (where will they play, who will play QB, will Deuce come back and stay healthy, what will we do with our cap room which is 4th most in the NFL, what is to be done with Howard and Brooks, what will we do with Carney, etc. etc.) it appears in my mind that the Saints are headed for something good. I can't help but feel optimistic. Say I'm dumb and foolish for believing in the Saints, but I honestly believe that with some key additions to this franchise (coaching staff, QB, LB, some key role players) that this team could go very far into the playoffs. Oh well, now you know how I feel.

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