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saint5221 04-16-2003 06:47 PM

vikings ravens trade rumor
The Sporting News is reporting negotiations are under way to trade Dante Culpepper to the Ravens for the ravens #10 pick. Obviously if this happens the vikes wil have to draft a QB, Wonder how this will affect the possiblity of the Saints trading up with them? Will the vikes use the 7 or ten pick to get a QB and would Trufant still be around at the #ten pick if that is who the Saints are looking to trade up for. The price to trade up to ten would be better than seven. I would like to see the Saints trade up but only if we still have two #1's after doing it.

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FWtex 04-17-2003 12:22 AM

vikings ravens trade rumor
That is a hard scenario to believe especially since the vikes let their backup go to the saints. This would leave them with no experience at QB. If its true though lets throw Brooks out there and see what interest the saints get.

rodjmaw 04-17-2003 04:01 AM

vikings ravens trade rumor
Sometimes when people don\'t have anything intelligent to say they should be QUIET!!!!

iceshack149 04-17-2003 04:22 AM

vikings ravens trade rumor
No way!
You want to put the Saints field general on the trading block and see if we get any bites? If a team doesn\'t want to pay the same or more than the Saints you have one pissed off QB. And what available QB-- in the draft or otherwise-- comes in and plays at the same level as Brooks? A guy with 1 1/2 years of leading this offense and understanding the capabilities of each receiver (and running back) implicitly?
And I\'ve never seen Brooks act like Culpepper on the sidelines when things get tough.
Goofy idea.

BlackandBlue 04-17-2003 07:53 AM

vikings ravens trade rumor
Only time I remember Culpepper go nuts on the sidelines was if Moss was involved somehow. I just assumed that Moss was running his mouth as per the norm.
Would be a dumb move by the Vikings, when Culpepper is on his game, he is one of the best in football.

rusta 04-17-2003 12:04 PM

vikings ravens trade rumor
sorry guys, just heard the word that the culpepper rumor was just that a RUMOR

saint5221 04-17-2003 12:14 PM

vikings ravens trade rumor
Here is ESPN\'s latest on this from there insider section;
NFL Rumors:
Daunte Culpepper and his agent, Mason Ashe, have made it pretty clear they believe Culpepper is one of the five best quarterbacks in the NFL. And while the Minnesota Vikings would like nothing better than for that to be true, his performance over the last two years has raised enough doubts that they\'re apparently not yet willing to offer him a mega-dollar contract
With the sides far apart on a long-term deal, and with Culpepper entering the final year of his existing contract, it was only a matter of time before someone floated the idea of trading him. The past week has seen increased speculation that Culpepper could be dealt to either the Arizona Cardinals or Baltimore Ravens. The Vikings have denied discussing any trade of Culpepper, and Wednesday they reiterated their intent to keep the talented quarterback.
\"We\'ve never given any thought to trading him,\" owner Red McCombs told the Minneapolis Star Tribune, \"and we\'re not dancing on hot coals as to whether we get him signed, either. He\'s under contract and is our quarterback for [2003]. If we get him signed, fine. If we don\'t, that\'s fine also. But we\'ve never given any thought to trading him.\"
Whether you believe McCombs or the rumor mill, it\'s apparent that Culpepper\'s future with the Vikings is a matter of some discussion. Since he\'s under contract through the 2003 season, the Vikings don\'t have to make a decision right away. And, in fact, they can wait until after the 2003 season and use their franchise tag to retain Culpepper for yet another year.
Considering those options, it\'s hard to believe the team would consider trading a quarterback as young and as gifted as Culpepper. The Vikings would run the risk of seeing Culpepper blossom into a star on another team, as they did last year when both starting Super Bowl quarterbacks were former Vikings.
Still, the Vikings and Culpepper are at an impasse with negotiations. Ashe is asking for a salary similar to the top five quarterbacks in the league -- around $10 million a year with a signing bonus similar to the $20 million the Eagles gave Donovan McNabb.
That\'s an awful lot to ask after coach Mike Tice had to simplify the offense for Culpepper\'s benefit and then felt the need to bring in a veteran backup in Gus Frerotte to serve as a mentor/tutor on the sidelines. So trading him rather than overpaying him might be a viable option. Culpepper\'s belief that he is among the elite at the position is admirable, but the numbers don\'t bear that out. He\'s coming off his worst season as a pro, a season in which he was benched for the first time in his career in a Nov. 10 game against the New York Giants. Up until that point, Culpepper led the league with 19 turnovers.
He responded to the benching with improved play, but he didn\'t show enough to be considered an upper echelon signal-caller. Culpepper still threw nine interceptions in his final seven games and fumbled 13 times. Worst of all, he didn\'t step up when he was needed. On third down, his passer rating was 69.0, and in the last two minutes of halves, his rating was even lower (55.4).
If Culpepper and his agent play hardball, the Vikings might want to rethink their position on a trade rather than pay star money to a player who hasn\'t performed as one. There would no doubt be takers if the team sought a trade, because Culpepper has tons of potential and has shown he can handle himself in the pros (if only for one good season).
But trading Culpepper has to be considered the final option for Minnesota. It could be best to just let him enter the final year of his deal without an extension and hope he proves his worth. The team has improved its offensive line, a problem last season, and with the continued growth of running back Michael Bennett, Culpepper will have a better chance and less room for excuses. If he performs like he did in his Pro Bowl 2000 season, the Vikings would have no problem compensating him accordingly.
However, if he plays poorly this season without a contract, the Vikings will face a bigger decision -- pay him anyway, use the franchise or transition tag on him to guarantee compensation if he signs elsewhere, or let him walk for nothing.
Right now, the Vikes seem prepared to take that gamble. But the gamble could backfire if Culpepper can\'t recapture the form that made him such a weapon three seasons ago.

Rusta: this is what goes one here a good bit jawing crap about crap, it is actualy quit fun reguardless of what actually transpires

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