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ABrooksBomb 08-21-2002 08:57 AM

New Uni's?
As a lifelong Saints fan, I have been annoyed for years w/ the colors on the uni's. Whats up w/ the 3 differen golds? 1 gold on the pants, 1 gold on the numbers and a totally different gold on the helmet. ARRRRGGGH. the 49's have gold everywhere on their uni's, yet it all matches. Whats up w/ the Saints!?!?!?! I love the black pants and white jerseys w/ black numbers. The only thing they should do differently is wrap the shoe's w/ black tape, instead of white, as the Bucs do. That way, Joe Horn won't be fined $10,000 for wearing black socks. As for the black jerseys, either match the gold to the helmet are go back to the white numbers w/ gold trim. That way there is minimum gold and it won't look so "high school". What do ya'll think? :mad2:

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