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DblBogey 01-19-2006 07:19 AM

Excerpts from Payton Press Conference

"We can impact people's lives in a positive way as they go through this transition," Payton said. "I think this area, this community, this region is tough, and our team better reflect that, too."
Maybe we will get the disciplinarian we need . . .


He added he would not let go of any of Haslett's assistants without meeting with them first, but expected to bring in some of his own people.
Unfortunately Venturi has a chance of staying, somehow he always lands on his feet.


Payton declined to comment on whether he thought Brooks should stay, saying it would be unfair to any players on the roster to decide their fate without studying more film of them.
We can only hope he looks at all of the films of Brooks . . . the bad calls, backwards passes, etc.


"There's too many games each weekend that are won in the last two minutes, less than seven points, and I think the teams that win those games on a consistent basis are the teams that ... do all the small things well in the offseason," Payton said. "It's not OK to be offsides. It's not OK to be late."
Time will tell just hope this is not lip service.


"I just want to win. So we're going to play the best players and we'll see what happens," he said.
What an original thought why didn't Hasbeen think of that

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