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The greatest Saints game you've ever seen was when.....

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; "Was the 63 yard field goal game" I was just a little kid then but my brother who is older than me said he couldn't beleive that kick and said too that he had chills for over a week after ...

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"Was the 63 yard field goal game"

I was just a little kid then but my brother who is older than me said he couldn't beleive that kick
and said too that he had chills for over a week after that game.
Gotta love those Saints[/quote]
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Live - October 25, 1998 Saints 9 Tampa Bay 3
- It was my first home Saints game. The Dome (and N.O.) are the Mecca of any true Saints fan. All must visit at least once in thier lifetime.

TV - December 30, 2000 Saints 31 St Louis 28
- First half I was litterally laughing myself silly. Second half I barely said a word and crewed all my nails off. But then came the fumble. I sat in awe, staring at the TV nearly in tears. I still get chills when I listen to the MP3 of the radio call. "Brian Milne the most unlikely hero of them all".
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nearly in tears
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This probably is not the greatest but the memory of it is what makes this special -- I was a kid going to the game with my dad -- watching the rookie Archie Manning play the Rams -- on the last play of the game Archie bootlegged around left end for the winning TD.
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Originally Posted by LongTimeFan
"Was the 63 yard field goal game"

I was just a little kid then but my brother who is older than me said he couldn't beleive that kick
and said too that he had chills for over a week after that game.
Gotta love those Saints

I was at that game -- I remember the week after they were selling '45' records -- on eone side was a song about the kick - on the other side was the actual announcer calling the play by play --
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I remember Fourcade starting and winning the last three games of the year the year that they beat Buffalo in the snow, Whodi. It seems to me that Hebert won some kind of incentive bonus for number of wins that year...even though Fourcade won the last three. Those three wins by Fourcade were just enough to give him the starting position for the next season...and Bobby sat home and didn't play that year...Mora choked when Fourcade came out of the box slow, so he sold the farm to the Cowboys for Steve Walsh....and that's the rest of the story.

Regarding the game with the Dempsey kick against Detroit...I would list it as my favorite Saints game to watch. The playoff game was wonderful, but that last quarter was torture to me.
Anyway, this is what I remember of the Detroit game that day. A buddy of mine and I were about to go out and toss the football. I said to wait for a minute, because we had watched the whole game, maybe there was a miracle in store for us. The Saints had just given up a score to allow Detroit to go ahead at the end of the 4th quarter. With less than a minute left, the Saints returned the kickoff to around the twenty-five yard line or so, and Kilmer came out and hit two quick sideline routes to Abramowicz and Dodd, I believe. That left them just past midfield with only a few seconds left. Reluctantly I stayed around when, much to my surprise, they trotted the FG team out there. When that ball barely snuck over the cross bar, I was in a state of shock. It was one of those games where you just had to see it to believe it. I remember Alex Karrass of the Lions making an appearance on the Carson show and describing the play. He said that him and his buddies just kinda bumped there man and rolled over for what they thought was going to be a good laugh. How surprised and shocked THEY were when the ball floated through the uprights!!!
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Its great to here all of these games and moments. I knew about the Saints beforehand but not all that well. The year you guys won like 12 games for the first time I think it was '86...believe it or not...even down here in Miami you guys were ALL over the sports news. Every week it was..."The Saints have done it again..." I saw the Dolphins game of '86 where you guys lost the game on the last play because of a holding call. A lot of hype on that game because you guys were doin so good. Rueben Mayes scored and the flag came out. At that time I loved Marino too much and dismissed NO. My being a Saints fan started in 1989. In fact that was another great Saints game I saw. My Saintlyhood began in NYC. I was visiting family and by luck the 2 weeks I was there I saw 2 Saints games. It was the last game of the season and the Saints already knew that they were not going to the playoffs. They were playing the Colts and all the Colts had to do was beat the Saints and they were in. Im not gonna lie...one of the reasons I became a Saints fan was because of their uniforms. I said to myself...man that gold and black looks F!@#$%! awesome! That night...they literally manhandlded the Colts. I think the score was something like 36-9. The Saints defense barely allowed the Colts offense to even move. that night. At the bottom of the screen there was a phrase that said...."The New Orleans Saints are the best team in the league that will not make the playoffs." From that game on...I started learning names....schedules...and yes...even the unfortunate history. I still dream of the day I can make it to the Dome for a game... a playoff game if possible. For 16 years now I always have friends ask me the same question..."Why on Earth do you like the Saints?" My answer...."because they play with more heart than any other team I have ever seen! And they got great uniforms." LOL Why all the losing seasons? I don't know..and I don't care...we will triumph one day. Go Saints Go!!!
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how bout this heartbreaker

Who can forget the game with the CRAZY ending a few years back in J'ville. The last play of the game and the saints show off their version of the music city miracle/stanford band play and score. The highlight of all saints highlights! I remember being on cloud 9 and then CRASHING Hard as Carney kills it by missing a friggin extra point. Ahh how fortunes can change in matter of seconds. Still a Great finish to a game.
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<<<<<< hillard is my fav. tooo guess cuz we have the same first name......... and because he was awesome!!
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Originally Posted by BlackandBlue
nearly in tears
I've listened to that clip over and over. I must have played it 100 times. My eyes still tear up every single time. "There is a God afterall!"
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