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wheelman 01-27-2006 08:35 PM

Offseason Poll
What do you think? I think we have enough talent, and that we just need a couple new good players. Mainly a new qb.

LongTimeFan 01-27-2006 08:49 PM

RE: Offseason Poll
I agree with you wheel, I'm just not ready to rebuild the entire team just yet, let's draft a qb and pick up a few good players with free agents

BJSim 01-28-2006 07:17 AM

RE: Offseason Poll
I really believe we'll have about 40-50% turnover in the team this year. It's not uncommon with new head coaches doing a "clean sweep". Most will obviously have to come from Free Agency given the shortness of Draft (6-9 rounds in recent years). Trades are nearly unheard of anymore because of the Salary Cap.

So lets hope we have an agressive FA period & get some D players and an O-Lineman (or two).

hagan714 01-28-2006 09:56 AM

RE: Offseason Poll
Dump the deadwood.
Drafting a stronge LB core with 1 F/A pick up is what we need for our future 3-4 .
DL has little options here. Sully gone if we F/A or draft a NT for our future 3-4
CB are loaded with nickle and dime guys. need a true shut down CB. would not mind trading down to fill the void. Mike is a great #2 but is not a #1.
S are set.
OL keepers are Bentley, Brown, and Holland. Thats it. The rest are up for grabs. Gandy. Jacox, and Merryberry are our prime trade bait but we would have to F/A or draft a LOT in 1 to dump Gandy. Unless we draft a lefty QB. Getting a C would be the smartest move here
QB is all up in the air and AB after this year hurt his trade value.
RB i see little change here.
WR will have to be a wait and see. All depends on what you go after in F/A and the draft. Hands hands, hands, Stallworth is the only good trade bait of the group.
TE is loaded with waste. Way to many what ifs here. Need only one old timer here as a coach and back up.
Any bench warmer is always on the verge of being cut or traded

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