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lsusurfer 04-23-2003 10:38 AM

Draft Day Contest - Winner takes all
Let's make things a little more interesting on Draft day. Everyone put their typing finger where their mouth is and put down your picks for the first two draft rounds (3 picks). And then you can place your vote for a trade and the player we traded down for if a trade happens. Also you can choose 6 players we might draft throughout the draft in any order to gain extra points. Whomever has the most points will win the respect from the rest of us and have more clout during the next season. Please add players full name and position. So the format is:

Pick a regular draft (no trade) and a trade draft:

If a Regular draft:


2nd Round:


if a Trade draft:

Player we traded for:

Then choose 6 players we might draft, no need to order:
Bonus picks:

Point System:

Selecting correct 17th pick: 50 points
Selecting correct 18th pick: 50 points
Selecting correct 2nd round pick: 150 points

Selecting correct trade player: 75 points

Selecting anyone drafted in your 6 draft choices: 25 points each

*Picks 17 and 18 are interchangable but a bonus of 25 points will be awarded for correct order of each pick. So if you get both 17 and 18 exactly correct you get 50 extra points.
*If you pick a player as one of your 6 bonus picks and as a choice for the other picks you still get all points. However you have to pick 6 different players for your 6 bonus picks.

My picks:

17th: Boss Bailey OLB
18th: Andre Woolfolk CB

2nd Round: Ty Warren DT

Trade: Marcus Trufant CB

6 Picks:
Brady James OLB
Rashean Mathis CB/S
Johnathan Sullivan DT
Jeff Faine C
Seneca Wallace QB
Anthony Davis OT

Prize of total respect details:
Only one entry per household. Any ties will result in splitting respect between winning parties. Lsusurfer does not sell, lease, exchange or disclose your personally identifiable information with third party non-affiliated persons other than our sponsors or partners, unless it is required by law, or disclosure is necessary to those persons that operate our website, manage our contests/events and conduct prize fulfillment ("operational providers"), and to protect the safety of our visitors, employees or property. We also expect our operational providers to protect privacy.

Lsusurfer is not responsible for entries not received due to difficulty accessing the Internet, service outages or delays, computer difficulties or other technological glitches.

Winners will be notified by lsusurfer. All tax and other liabilities incurred as a result of any prize are the sole responsibility of the recipient. The winner will forfeit any prize not claimed within (30) days of winning.

rodjmaw 04-23-2003 01:39 PM

Draft Day Contest - Winner takes all
17th. Jonathon Sullivan
18th. E.J. Henderson

2nd rd pick: Drayton Florence

1. William Joseph
2. Kevin Williams
3. Rasheen Mathis
4. Bradie James
5. Chaun Thompson
6. Julian Battle

nocloning 04-23-2003 03:03 PM

Draft Day Contest - Winner takes all
17th: E.J. Henderson LB
18th: Troy Polamalu S

2nd round: Mike Doss S

Trade (trading down): Jeff Faine C

6 picks:
- Julian Battle CB/S
- Rashean Mathis CB/S
- Ty Warren DT
- Terrance Edwards WR
- Charles Tillman CB/S
- Justin Fargas RB

lsusurfer 04-24-2003 08:29 AM

Draft Day Contest - Winner takes all
2 days left, everyone needs to put their money where their mouth is!

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