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mutusos_24 08-22-2002 06:06 PM

Delhomme is not starter material
I wish you /[color=]Lovely People[/color] would learn something about football. I see now why ricky williams says the Saints fans know nothing about football. Except for I myself coming from the HALL OF FAME STATE of none other than Ohio. First off stop with the /[color=]mustard[/color], Delhomme cannot start on this team. He proved that in 99 When he beat Dallas the midget cb's at that time 28-21. He than the following week lost to Carolina 45-10 or something to that nature. Yet Keith Poole burning Deon Sanders for 54 yards was utterly hillarious during the Dallas game. So there for Delhomme is 1-1 and you think he is starting material. Just cause he is from LA does not mean he can start.

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ABrooksBomb 08-23-2002 12:19 PM

Delhomme is not starter material
I totally agree and disagree at the same time. I do agree that Brooks is THE best QB the saints have had and will have in a loooonnnnng time. Jake can\'t do what Brooks can do. Now, I disagree w/ you because you have to realize that Jake was a rookie when he beat Dallas. Three years have passed by and he is a much better QB than he was at that point. He\'ll tell you himself that he was totally overwhelmed in \'99. I know one thing, if he were to have on a Redskins uni, he\'d be starting w/o a doubt. If he\'d have on a lion, cowboy, giant, bengal, seahawk, and probably a chief uni he\'d be starting as well. Jake won\'t be here much longer. Word is getting out on this guy and he\'ll be traded by the Saints for something down the line that the Saints are in need of. Maybe next offseason. Jake is in the top 5 of backup QB\'s in the league. Remember though, noone thought Brady could run Bledsoe out of town. Ya never know in the NFL, ya never know.

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