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SFinAustin 04-24-2003 02:19 PM

Is anyone........?
In my opinion, this is a weak draft where the talent will dry up after the top 10-12. I\'m sure they\'re will be some late round gems but overall, I\'m not that impressed. I\'m in favor of trading up for one of the \"elite\" players in this years draft.

Note for next year:
The Saints will trade up for Kellen Winslow Jr. next season. I\'m glad we have that extra 2nd round pick!

pakowitz 04-24-2003 03:37 PM

Is anyone........?
look at it this way, last year we had the 13th and 25th picks, we got 2 starters out of those 2 picks, this year we have 17 and 18, which are between both 13 and 25, therefore, we aught to be able to get 2 more starters out of those 2 picks if we stay where we are now......

rusta 04-24-2003 03:37 PM

Is anyone........?
it looks like the smoot thing isn\'t just rumor, how in the world can we pass up on smoot! for a second rounder that is a huge steal, friggin enormous, he adds buckets of depth and allows us to focus on LB and DT in the first round, neither of which we would have to trade up or down to get, henderson will fall to us and bailey might even fall to us and with so many DT\'s in the draft one will defintely be there come 18, A SECOND ROUNDER!? A SECOND ROUNDER!? MY GOD THIS IS A NO BRAINER!!!!!!! i\'ve seen smoot play a coupla times in washington and he is well worth a second round pick and he\'s still young :o :o :o :o
please god let loomis see the light

WhoDat 04-24-2003 03:50 PM

Is anyone........?
I LOVE this Smoot possibility. Love IT! Here\'s my new thinking...

Sit tight and pray the Bailey falls to you at 17. If he does, you take him there and trade down your 18 and pick up a second. Trade the second to Washington for Smoot and pull the trigger on the next best DT available with your number two.

However, if Bailey\'s not around I think you try to move down with both. Move down a few spots with the 17 and hope to get a first and second. Do the same with the 18. Then, take Henderson later in the first and Joseph or the best DT still available. Trade one second to Washington for Smoot and use your other second for a safety... or you could always go after an OL, RB, another LB (James maybe), CB, or even another DT. This could actually even be better, if Bailey\'s gone. Does this sound possible or am I wishfully thinking?

WhoDat 04-24-2003 04:19 PM

Is anyone........?
I don\'t know Gator. Defense is definitely the focus this year, but this is an extremely deep draft defensively overall. Much more so than offensively. Here\'s my best case...
Trade down with the Giants for a one and a two with the 18. You may even be able to trade Oakland the 17 for both number ones... otherwise take a number one and two for it. Pull the trigger on the Smoot deal. Take Henderson at number 25 and Kenny Peterson or William Joseph with your other first rounder. Then with your second (or other number one if you trade with Oakland), take Polamalu. Look at either OT George Foster, RB Lee Suggs (VA Tech), TE Jason Witten (TN), DB Rashean Mathis (B-C), DE Dwayne White (Louisville), LB Bradie James (LSU), C Jeff Faine (Notre Dame), or even LB Gerald Hayes (Pitt).

We may be able to come out of the first two rounds with:
CB Fred Smoot (trade)
LB EJ Henderson (Maryland)
DT Kenny Peterson (Ohio St)
S Troy Polamalu (USC)
and the next best bet out of those guys listed above.

My God, is that really a possibility? Someone tell me I\'m nuts b/c this is beginning to make my mouth water. Unreal. This can\'t be possible.

rusta 04-24-2003 04:25 PM

Is anyone........?
Ah but wait, with a little patience and luck bailey could fall to 17 and we would only have to trade down our 18 pick, your mouth is watering and mine is foaming


saint5221 04-24-2003 04:35 PM

Is anyone........?
Ok, how about this this for the wheel and deal up and down three man draft day special. Trade up with the 17th and 2nd rounder to get a tackle(kennedy) . With the 18th trade down to pick up Henderson he would need to fall a little but if we got him by 22 or 23 we would pick up a third rounder. Now the Smoot part package our two third rounders to the Skins for Smoot( or we could do the work for them and find a second round suitor for the to threes while we are calling everyone in the league to do all this.) Then we relax and draft in the 5th and 7th rounds. Kennedy Smoot and Henderson plus two. Works for me but I did leave work early to go to Jazz Fest today and have been drinking heavly.

nocloning 04-24-2003 04:41 PM

Is anyone........?
I don\'t know, WhoDat.
Your examples of trades are either very favorable for the Saints (Giants) or extremely favorable for the Saints (Raiders) - look at the DPVC. When they try to trade #17 other teams will get the message they may trade both of their picks and try to play the Saints. So you can trade #18, but not #17. Prediction: At least one of the players on the want-list of Haslett/Loomis will be there at #17. It may be a surprise who that pick is, but I\'m absolutely willing to give them the benefit of the doubt this year. Haslett has been EVERYWHERE. So don\'t expect any *****ing about the draft from me even if it doesn\'t go the way I predicted.

Either stay put or trade down with the second pick, but don\'t trade up. At the moment I favor simply staying put (and I won\'t complain if they do trade up ... maybe a little).

Smoot: Trying to think like Loomis ... Already got some CBs ... will pick up at least one in the draft ... Smoot is good and young -> big(ger) contract -> cap problems? ... pass him up

rusta 04-24-2003 04:53 PM

Is anyone........?
did you clone yourself from a moron? like any corner we get in draft isn\'t going to want big money? taking smoot eliminates picking up one in the draft until second day when they are cheap, the corners we have are old and only have 2 maybe 3 years left in them, smoot is 24 a proven starter and has a pretty cheap contract that covers the next 2 years, he\'s the biggest second round steal i\'ve heard off in a while, if loomis can\'t see that then i say mueller flies in and whips his ass into a sensible state of mind, we\'re gonna open the pocketbook for horn but not for a smoot??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :casstet: :casstet: :casstet: :casstet: :casstet:
nothing personal, hehe

WhoDat 04-24-2003 04:55 PM

Is anyone........?
No way... do you think Smoot will be more expensive to sign than say Trufant AND a second round pick? No way. That\'s why you trade down. Less expensive to sign and if you can still swing Henderson (who should be around even in the mid 20s) and even a guy like Kenny Peterson you\'re better off. SMOOT, TRADE DOWN, GREEN, SUPER BOWL!!!! :P Have I been drinking? I don\'t remember drinking.

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