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SFinAustin 04-24-2003 01:51 PM

Saints Draft Rumors!!!
These are from Don Banks:


Let's make a deal

Rumors of draft-day trades keep swirling
Posted: Thursday April 24, 2003 1:57 PM
Updated: Thursday April 24, 2003 2:19 PM

Arizona is not as locked in on Suggs as has been commonly believed. He remains a possibility, but the Cardinals are serious about other options, such as Washington State cornerback Marcus Trufant or trading down. The Saints and Cardinals have talked, and New Orleans has a better deal on the table to get up Arizona's No. 6 than they do to trade with No. 7 Minnesota.

The Saints in either case would be moving to land Trufant, unless Newman should somehow linger beyond the top five.

Arizona doesn't seem to have one player it has fallen in love with, and thus can be enticed to move down. That said, head coach Dave McGinnis isn't among those who think Suggs' second slow 40 time has damaged his draft status.

"I don't know where the perception came from that he was a 4.5 guy," McGinnis said Wednesday night. "Nobody was ever saying he was. He's a 4.8 guy, but he plays extremely fast from the line to the quarterback. We've got him evaluated as a football player, not just as a workout guy."

Suggs fills a need for the Cardinals. So does Trufant. So would a receiver, although neither of the big two are expected to be there at No. 6. So a trade into the middle of the rounds -- New Orleans holds No. 17 and 18 -- makes some sense.

As for the Saints, they're talking to the Cardinals, Vikings, Ravens and at least one other top 10 team. Ideally, they want to get up into the top seven and take Trufant or Newman, but they're uncertain whether anyone will pull the trigger on the other end. If Trufant should last until No. 10, a deal with Baltimore could come into play.

New Orleans is more likely to trade up than to sit tight, and is willing to give up both of its first-rounders. The Saints are asking to get something back in the way of a 2004 pick in order to surrender both of this year's No. 1s, but they probably won't be able to extract that unless they get two teams bidding against one another.

No. 12 St. Louis is thought to be eyeing Georgia linebacker Boss Bailey, providing it can't trade up a few notches and get its first choice, Trufant. But if Bailey doesn't go to the Rams, he could tumble all the way to the Saints at No. 17 or 18. Cleveland at No. 21 would be thrilled if Bailey somehow lasted into the round's bottom third.

WhoDat 04-24-2003 02:33 PM

Saints Draft Rumors!!!
Everything I\'ve heard thus far says that the Saints aren\'t really interested in giving up their two first rounders to move up... this article totally contradicts that. Boy the stuff is really starting to swirl now. I think I may just stop listening and see what happens.

Let me say these two things: first, if not moving up means that the Rams take Trufant and we can pick up Bailey and Joseph at numbers 17 and 18 then I am ALL for it.

Second, why would we trade up? I really just don\'t get it. We had two first rounders last year... anyone remember what numbers? I think we took Stallworth with the number 13 pick. Where did we take Grant? In any case, my point is that we got Stallworth AND Grant last year. If we\'re going to give up two first rounders for one guy who costs just as much to sign as two would at the 17 and 18 spots, he better be an all-out star. I mean, if we move into the top ten to take Trufant and give up the opportunity to take two guys like Bailey and Joseph, or Henderson and Woolfolk, or whoever, Trufant better be Charles Woodson. Otherwise, it is completely not worth it to me. That\'s just my opinion, but given how well the Saints have drafted the last two years I don\'t know how you could be in favor of giving up two picks in order to move up 10 spots.

WhoDat 04-24-2003 02:58 PM

Saints Draft Rumors!!!
Well hell, after hearing that Smoot talk I say that we go the other direction... especially if Bailey\'s off the board. What do we have now? Two 1s and a 2? Hell, if Bailey\'s gone trade down with both number 1s and try to get a 1 and a 2 for both. Then you dump a 2 for Smoot and hope to get Henderson and Joseph or the next best DT in round 1 and a safety and whoever the hell else you want in round two! Smoot, plus two first rounders and two second rounders!! That\'s unreal. I think there must be a flaw in my logic somewhere. If this is possible and they pass on it, I may just throw myself out my window. ;)

rusta 04-24-2003 03:01 PM

Saints Draft Rumors!!!
WHAT ARE WE WAITNG FOR???????????????????????????

WhoDat 04-24-2003 03:27 PM

Saints Draft Rumors!!!
There you go Gator!!!!

SMOOT, SMOOT, Turley\'s nuts!... I mean... SMOOT!!!

pakowitz 04-24-2003 04:13 PM

Saints Draft Rumors!!!
i cant say anything, thats what i was yelling at my TV when the saints were on the clock and then decided to pass on him and draft deuce


BlackandBlue 04-24-2003 04:22 PM

Saints Draft Rumors!!!
Why trade up? Because everyone that is anyone in draft news will tell you that these draft prospects this year are weak in the middle of the 1st round. The top players, #12-22 have about as much talent as last years #22-32 and it continues to get weaker after that.
If we could get Smoot, great- I\'d be all for it. But something is not right when they are trying to dump a young, starting, very good on the field cornerback for a 2nd, and from what I\'ve been hearing today, or a 3rd round pick. His hit against the salary cap is nill, so what\'s the deal?

rusta 04-24-2003 04:33 PM

Saints Draft Rumors!!!
the skins are rapdily approaching salary cap hell, with the signing of coles and morton, big name players like smith and arrington, and soon approaching negotiations to retain bailey the skins are trying to get in postion to keep what they can, they figure to get something for smoot while they can instead of losing him to free agency, i could be wrong about this but that\'s how it looks to me, although i agree something does seem fishy since no one has jumped on the deal
:P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P

WhoDat 04-24-2003 04:33 PM

Saints Draft Rumors!!!
Good question... would you believe that they just want extra draft picks? No, me either. What is the deal?

LordOfEntropy 04-24-2003 04:39 PM

Saints Draft Rumors!!!
Has anyone kept up with Smoot\'s play in the last two years? I mentioned in another thread that I hit Washington\'s boards a couple days ago trying to get a feel for how they felt about the trade. Some were pissed.

But a good number of them were happy, said the guy stunk. Again, I can\'t say as I haven\'t kept up with him. But has anyone here?

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