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Ummm...Who's our Center?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; ...I say we draft Niswanger in the third if he is still there I dont think he will be though Nice idea... if we had a third round pick....

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RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: Ummm...Who

...I say we draft Niswanger in the third if he is still there I dont think he will be though
Nice idea... if we had a third round pick.
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Re: RE: Re: RE: Ummm...Who

Originally Posted by GoldRush26
Originally Posted by WhoDatQB
Originally Posted by GoldRush26
The M.O. of the Saints....let a star go for a scrub to save a few bucks. Never fails.
to save a FEW bucks? The browns way over payed for Bentley. I like him and think he is a good center, he was a great guard though. Sit down and watch some game tape, from what I saw last year he did a goof job blocking, but the blocking schemes he called based on the defenses were horrible. Think back to when Fontenot was our center, our line might not have been great(with the exception of Roaf, but they were in the right position. With Bentley it seemed our guys were in the wrong places b/c of an ineffective blocking scheme was called.

Any other year Bentley may have gotten a contract averaging 4 million a year, that would almost be too steep to keep him for center. This year he got 6 million, I would have cried if the Saints had wasted all that money on him. Better a new guy from the draft or let Jacox try for the amount of money saved by not overpaying for Bentley.

How would it be "wasting" if we resigned one of the top 5 o-linemen in the league, because that's what he was. And who are the Saints using their money on anyway? The way I see it they might as well have payed for him, since they are completely inept at luring quality free agents here. All this money we are "saving" and spending it on no one. Yeah you're right, we're much better off.

Wanna know how we could've "saved" some money? We could get rid of the dead weight in Gandy and Jacox. Instead, our best player is the one that is let go. Right.

Besides had we signed him last year when we signed Horn and Deuce, we definitely could have got him for a lot less than 6 mil a year. Can't see how people are still trying to find some logic in the Saints' free agent management.

He is a top 5 guard. Not a top 5 O-lineman. Big, giant difference there. Do I agree we should have signed him last year? YES, he is a great guard, one of the top 5 in the league, but why would you pay 2 million a year more than someone is worth just to keep his services? The Redskins keep doing it, and it will catch up to them.

Also, ever think Bentley told the FO that there was noway in hell he was coming back to NO? I would not have wanted to overpay for him, but if he tells the FO to piss off he is not coming back, how exactly do we sign him? Franchise? Nope disgruntled player is not what we want.

We will have to agree to disagree, paying someone the league's richest contract ever to a center and he is not that great at the position, sounds like a great deal to me.
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RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: Ummm...Who

This is the thing that is starting to worry me. Since we lost Bentler, we don't have a good starting OC. There IS a very good available center in the draft, namely Nick Mangold, but he will most likely be taken in the first part of the second round. Here's the deal though. If we don't select Brees, then I believe we have to take Leinart because QB is our biggest need. If we do this, then it all comes down to our #34 pick. We can take one of those ridiculously talented LBs or we can take the man-child Mangold. However, obviously we can't take both. Without a starting center, it would appear that we would have to go with Mangold because at least we have some players (even though they suck) who can fill in at LB. But this leaves us in the same situation as we're always in, not taking an impact LB when we have the chance.

The only way around this crappy scenario is by doing something in free agency, which we don't appear to be too good at right now. If we can somehow land one of the remaining centers in FA who is good enough to start, then I believe we can take Leinart in the 1st and a LB in the 2nd. Just what I'm thinking, but our FO really needs to get their thumbs out of their arses.
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RE: Re: RE: Re: RE: Ummm...Who

There are still some good FA LBs out there along with one or two Centers. SO it's a matter of where Brees goes that determines how much cash is available for those other positions. I think if we lose (probably) the bidding war for Brees, then we've got to attack the FA Defensive players and go for a dominating D for this year to cover for a young inexperienced QB (Leinart).
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Now we released Jaycox who was the replacement center. Are we planning on drafting a center or are we trying to sign one now? Brees' shoulder is not going to take the punishment.
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Maybe we'll just play 10 men on offense?
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THATS A GREAT IDEA BMG!!!! No Center.....with the latest technology...the ball can now literally hike itself on command.
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Not sure, I'm still sick about losing Bentley, With Brees now here and possibly getting D'brick it would have been a big plus having all three of them on our offense.
Hopefully we'll find a young Jerry Fontenot somewhere, what is Jerry up to these days and where is he living, anyone know?
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