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CheramieIII 03-14-2006 09:00 PM

I'm on vacation!!!!!!
and I will be back Friday night to talk a boat load of crap about the events this week. I might not have made this clear enough GUESS WHO WE ARE GOING TO DRAFT AFTER TRADING DOWN A FEW TIMES?

HAWK, HAWK, HAWK and you guys had no faith.

saintbuck 03-14-2006 09:03 PM

i hope so but everyone keeps saying williams

CheramieIII 03-18-2006 10:14 AM

Time for some smack talk boys and girls. I don't see too many Leinart avatars anymore, Waz Up? I've been telling you guys all along that we would trade out of that spot but no one would listen. Now everyones talking about my boy Hawk and Brick. If you step out of the box sometimes it works. Do the exact opposite of what you think and sometimes it happens.

I won't say anymore about the subject and you all know who I'm talking about.

CheramieIII 03-20-2006 09:31 PM

Hey Biloxi this ones for you! Got Beer? Dixie that is, real smooth after you've had a case or two.

CHACHING 03-20-2006 11:27 PM

Have fun Cherry...
Knock back a couple for me...

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