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JKool 03-18-2006 11:30 AM

Heya Gang.

I note that we have now signed Drew Brees and Michael Bennett. Damn. That is some fine work. I guess our FO is looking up with the new coaching and all...

Of course, we still need a CB, two DTs, and 2 or 3 LBs. Not to mention an OL (except Brown and maybe Holland).

On the plus side, we can now trade down from the number 2 pick overall, since we won't be fishing for a QB.

On a lighter note, it looks like Howard ended up in Philly anway, and guess who didn't get anything for him... hmmmm... us. Oh well.

Eitherway, it is nice to see some good movement. Finally!

fatz6179 03-18-2006 11:31 AM

how is signing bennett any good? Plus Brees is a bust

JKool 03-18-2006 11:36 AM

Bennett is a quality backup for a perennially injured Duece. He's got good speed and decent size.

Brees will allow MacPherson another year or two develop, and he is a serviceable to good QB. I'm not sure why you keep saying he's a bust?

fatz6179 03-18-2006 11:41 AM

Cuz he didn't do anything for the Charger hence first rounder Rivers, yet wit Bennett wut did he ever do with the Viks? I like to keep Stecker and wuts his face from the Titans we got last year....Deuce is healed right and we are ready run wise not passing wise with Brees. And isn't Pearson the guy who lined up under the guard in Preseason? No onew will be better than brooks no one! Not that bum Archie and dang sure not Pees

BrooksMustGo 03-18-2006 11:46 AM

Don't feed the trolls JKool. . .

Good to see you again. When you get a chance, I'd really like your take on the 3-4 thread.

I agree with you that it's so nice to see the FO actually being pro-active. I agree mostly on your takes on positions of need. Sadly, I think we'll need master strokes in the rest of free agency, the draft, unsigned free agency and the june 1 cuts to have a prayer of addressing all of the holes we're facing.

fatz6179 03-18-2006 11:55 AM

We have no linebacker for the 3-4 u are all fools!!!!!!!

LongTimeFan 03-18-2006 01:35 PM

Fat, I see you don't understand football at all, what a joke.

fatz6179 03-18-2006 01:47 PM


Fat, I see you don't understand football at all, what a joke.
I do understand it. you don't. I odn't understand the bull coming out ya mouf

ssmitty 03-18-2006 01:51 PM

Re: RE: FO? WTF?
[quote="LongTimeFan"]Fat, I see you don't understand football at all, what a joke.[/quote

try minnesota fatz , ltf--------maybe it's pool they understand............smitty

fatz6179 03-18-2006 02:04 PM

RE: Re: RE: FO? WTF?
MAng forget Brooks ain't coming back at all I've voiced my opinion and I fought for my boy. Just remeber Pees just now started becoming good. That's all I want is Brooks respect form ya'll and not so much heart felt love for a injured prone QB to get ya'll love so fast that's all. Not For Long =NFL remember it

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