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Saints take Sullivan with 6th pick in Trade

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Saints take Sullivan with 6th pick in Trade

no comment
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Saints take Sullivan with 6th pick in Trade

Hey, at least he did\'nt go to Georgia.
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Saints take Sullivan with 6th pick in Trade

I think we\'re all pretty pissed about the draft. Not so much that Sullivan and Stinkie (Stinchcomb) suck - they don\'t-, but that we didn\'t use the value of our picks as well as we could have, or that they didn\'t address the needs at LB/CB as early as they could have.

But on another note, someone mentioned in the chat room that Stinkie played a bit of center. Perhaps they\'re planning on canning Fontenot? He did make some critical comments about personnel management (Turley trade), didn\'t he? I don\'t think Loomis and crew like things like that very much.

Maybe that would explain why they would consider Stinkie more important than LB/CB. Just an oddball thought......

can anyone help me id this tune? it goes thwap thwap boom tch boom tch boom tch.

Qui a laissez sortir les chiens!
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Saints take Sullivan with 6th pick in Trade

who knows what the hell they are thinking?
let\'s just hope they are right or lucky
i don\'t care which as long as it works out
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Saints take Sullivan with 6th pick in Trade

I bet he has family there (Georgia). Probably a teacher or something.

Stinkiecomb, that is.

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Saints take Sullivan with 6th pick in Trade

The complete and utter fall of Bailey is what really phreaked me out. I mean, from 12 to 34?!? It\'s not like his knee injuries weren\'t known commodities a week ago. It\'s not like he\'s put on 300 pounds since the last mock drafts.

Man, that really baffles me.

I -know- he was a risk, but I\'m CONVINCED he was worth as shot at just a -slight- trade up from our #37 pick.

Oh man.
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Saints take Sullivan with 6th pick in Trade

I could not be more upset right now unless the Saints announced they were trading Duece to the Bucs or Falcons for a third round pick next year. To pass on Trufant, Henderson, and Brady James in the first three rounds respectively is an act of complete lunacy. I can only assume that this organization is trying to make all Saints fans commit mass suicide before they move the team to L.A. in 2007.

Does anyone else think that Jim Haslett has the I.Q. of a grapefruit. When he speaks I just hear other teams laughing at us.
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Saints take Sullivan with 6th pick in Trade

Well lads, I\'m still not too sure about this draft. I have to agree with ya\'ll about the time we picked who we picked. I\'m sure Sullivan and Stinchcomb are going to be very good players but this guy Grant?

Take a look at what is said about him.

Willie \"cie\" Grant
OLB | (6-0, 228, 4.55) | OHIO STATE
By Pro Football Weekly

Notes: Redshirted in 1998. Played in every game in \'99 with most of his action coming on special teams and a little at safety. Moved to outside linebacker in 2000 and played in Games 3-12 as a backup. Shocked everyone by shifting to cornerback in \'01 and starting 10-of-12 games. Had six tackles in 1999; 13 in 2000; and 56 tackles, five passes broken up and three interceptions in \'01. Finished as the runner-up to former Wisconsin WR Chris Chambers in the 200 meters at the Big Ten meet. Moved back to outside linebacker in \'02. Started all 13 games, making 71 tackles with 50 solos and 21 assists, 10 tackles for loss, four sacks, one interception for 23 yards and one forced fumble. Fine all-around athlete who has not found a position. Was probably better suited to be a strong safety, but Ohio State had an All-American, Mike Doss, at that spot and a very good free safety, Donnie Nickey.

Positives: Runs and hits and flies all over the field. Has good size and speed for a defensive back. Durable and versatile with the ability to play safety, cornerback and outside linebacker. Good character with enthusiastic personality who knows how to compete. Hard worker who learned new positions. Good quickness, agility and balance and responds well to coaching. Strength is as a blitzer.

Negatives: Very average hands and ball skills. Late reacting. Avoids mistakes, but not instinctive or intelligent. Lacks awareness. Questionable mental capacity. Straight-line player who shows hesitation. Slow in reading, reacting and locating the ball, which may stem partially from his lack of size. Size and position skills are questionable for a linebacker.

Summary: Developmental-type who has great speed and will excel in a simple scheme.

Don\'t you love it? We take a guy that is fast but can\'t spell cat given the c and the t. He\'ll fit in good with me, hell I can\'t do it either just ask Pak.LOL
This pick makes no sense to me at all no matter when he was picked. At least we know that Brady James can spell C A T. :casstet:

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Sometimes it's better to keep your mouth shut and be thought an idiot, than to open it and remove all doubt!!!!!

"Every time you think, you weaken the nation!" Moe Howard...The Three Stooges.
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Saints take Sullivan with 6th pick in Trade

So Rickie gave us a great season and a good 1st round position....and we wasted it. A fitting end to the Ditka Debacle. I\'m still with Haslett, but he\'s only got one more year to deliver. I\'m beginning to wonder if he can spell kat.
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Saints take Sullivan with 6th pick in Trade

I can understand the *****ing about the trade , that we payed too much to get Sullivan. But blasting them for taking Sullivan over Trufant? DT was THE position of need, I\'ll repeat it again and again. Our CB corps may not be the best in the league, but with the addition of Ambrose it\'s quite alright - regarding starters and depth. Furthermore I\'m quite sceptical Trufant will be a big success in the NFL. Certainly not in his first season. Even with the \"best player available\"-approach taking Sullivan over Trufant is alright with me.
Have to admit I fell for the chant \"The Saints need a young CB\" and expected them to draft Mathis in round 2. Not thrilled with the selection of Stinchcomb, but I\'m not ready to offer a reward for Loomis\' head for the pick.
\'Cie\' - no comment.

\"What is Wal-Mart? Is it like they sell wall stuff?\"
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