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foreverfan 03-22-2006 12:05 AM

History says draft a Left Tackle
History says "draft a left tackle!" While the jury is still out on Robert Gallery (2004 #2 pick), we can see that other tackles taken in the top 10 spots have paid BIG dividends for their teams. Going back to 1997 we see the following tackles chosen in the top 10 spots have all made it into the playoffs and a couple have won Superbowls:

2003 - Jordan Gross - #8 pick - Carolina Panthers: Lose Foster, lose Davis and Goings can still torch you. Who do you think he's running behind?

2002 - Levi Jones - #10 pick - Cincinnatti Bengals: Corey Dillon is a thousand yard rusher. He leaves and Rudi Johnson becomes a thousand yard rusher. Carson Palmer looks relaxed in the pocket and has a Pro-Bowl caliber season. It's easy to be relaxed in the pocket when you aren't getting sacked 60+ times a season.

2000 - Chris Samuels - #3 pick - Washington Redskins: After many seasons of mediocrity, the once proud franchise seems to be turning it around and a lot of the credit should go to the franchise tackle.

1998 - Tra Thomas - #11 pick - Philadelphia Eagles: Allright, he was a number 11 pick but that's just one off. Is there any questions that the fortunes of McNabb and the Eagles franchise turned around with the development of Deland High School's most famous football alum?

1997 - Orlando Pace - #1 pick - St. Louis Rams AND Walter Jones - #6 pick - Seattle Seahawks: One has a Superbowl ring and the other could have one in three weeks. Warner and Faulk, Hasselbeck and Alexander...who do you think is protecting these guys?

1996 - Jonathan Ogden - #4 pick - Baltimore Ravens: Cornerstone of a mediocre offense and helped Jamal Lewis to the third highest season rushing total in NFL history. Has a Superbowl ring. If the best GM in sports, Ozzie Newsome, would spend a high pick on a franchise Left Tackle, why wouldn't the Texans?

1995 - Tony Boselli - #2 pick - Jacksonville Jaguars: Helped lead an expansion team to the AFC Divisional Championship game. probably would have been the greatest of all time if career wasn't cut short by injuries (although his career was still longer than the career of the average NFL running back).

And don't forget Willie Roaf...

saintsrule 03-22-2006 12:26 AM

RE: History says draft a Left Tackle
I will be happy with who ever they get, but if they get Brick he would be the best pick.

foreverfan 03-22-2006 12:31 AM

RE: History says draft a Left Tackle
Drafting D'brick gets me all warm and fuzzy....

Err... could somebody turn the lights back out.... Thanks. FF

lonewolf 03-22-2006 05:40 AM

RE: History says draft a Left Tackle
f*@k history, this team has spent entirely too many high draft picks on OLine the past decade. Time to rebuild the dome patrol, then spend high picks on the OL. We can probably get Whitworth LT-LSU with our #34 pick right now.

LongTimeFan 03-22-2006 05:52 AM

RE: History says draft a Left Tackle
Take D'brick and everything and is all good.

saintswhodi 03-22-2006 08:37 AM

forever fan, do you live in Mississippi? Justr curious.

zachsaints52 03-22-2006 09:14 AM

Get Brick! Frachise LT, and it will be awesome to have our OT's set for a long time!

foreverfan 03-22-2006 09:34 AM


Originally Posted by saintswhodi
forever fan, do you live in Mississippi? Justr curious.

No just "Master of BS"

saintswhodi 03-22-2006 09:47 AM


Originally Posted by foreverfan

Originally Posted by saintswhodi
forever fan, do you live in Mississippi? Justr curious.

No just "Master of BS"

What? lol Live in Louisiana? Or do you post on any other forums?

foreverfan 03-22-2006 09:51 AM

Did at one time but they couldn't handle The Great Cat Guru so you guys are stuck with me. Besides, this board better suits my talents... what ever they are... I really feel all warm and fuzzy... maybe I'll take another nap.

Nope Metairie LA born and raised. The did move me to ChalMetairie....err... I mean Kenner for a few years too.

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