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rodjmaw 04-26-2003 08:52 PM

info on the 1-3 picks
Jonathon Suliivan

Jon Stinchcomb

Willie "Cie" Grant

saint5221 04-26-2003 09:18 PM

info on the 1-3 picks
Here is the Sporting News evaluations on our picks,Sorry no links to this section.

Round 1, Pick 6

Height: 6-3 Weight: 313
40-yard dash: 4.87 10-yard dash: 1.82 ÂÂÂ*
20-yard shuttle: 4.84 60-yard shuttle:
Broad jump: 8-3 225 lb. bench: 24
3-cone drill: Vertical jump: 29
Wonderlic: 16 20-yard dash: 2.90
Player evaluation:
Johnathan Sullivan

War Room analysis
New Orleans is expected to cut Norman Hand and defensive tackle is a pressing need as a result. Admittedly the Saints gave up a lot to draft Sullivan and he will be under much pressure to contribute early, but he has the size to stuff the interior run and his explosive burst combined with his above-average athleticism makes him an excellent fit for the Saints\' one-gap scheme. Vs. the run: Has good size, and is an above-average athlete. Plays with leverage, and controls a gap. Can play in both a two-gap and one-gap scheme. Has the size and strength to hold his ground at the point of attack. Shows above-average initial quickness and the speed/athleticism to chase down ball carriers. Grade: 8.2.

Pass rush: Shows good initial quickness. Gets consistent penetration, and rarely gives up on a play. Is a smooth athlete. Changes directions well, and has good closing speed. Must improve repertoire of pass-rush moves. Gets held up too often at the line. Shows enough power to become an effective bull rusher. Grade: 7.8.

Initial quickness: Shows quick footwork and initial burst. Comes out of stance with good pad level, and shows good short-area power. Must anticipate the snap better; too often is a quarter-count behind his teammates and the opponent -- nullifying his natural quickness. Grade: 7.8.

Run/pass recognition: Shows above-average recognition skills. Is consistent, and follows through on assignments. Has a nose for the ball when penetrating the line. Maintains responsibility when assigned to control a gap. Grade: 8.4.

Pursuit/tackling: Pursuit is one of biggest strengths. Is a fluid athlete. Chases down slow-developing running plays from the backside. Never stops hustling. Stops and starts and changes directions better than most his size. Is a powerful tackler with big-play potential, but leaves his feet too often and misses tackles in the backfield. Must be more consistent with tackling technique. Grade: 8.3.

Bottom line: Sullivan is the complete package physically. He has good height, weight, quickness and speed. Sullivan isn\'t the most explosive tackle in this class -- or the biggest -- but he probably is the most complete and consistent. He likely will be one of the top five defensive tackles drafted, somewhere in the latter half of the first round.
Dan Pompei analysis
The Saints paid a steep price (two first-round picks) to trade up to take Sullivan, and they chose Sullivan a little high for my tastes. Jimmy Kennedy is a better prospect -- in my opinion and that of many NFL teams.
Correspondent Analysis
Sullivan is a poor man’s Dewayne Robertson. He’s not quite as fast or as explosive, but as a junior has similar potential to improve. After failing to trade up for Robertson at No. 4, the Saints felt it was imperative to get Sullivan, the second-rated defensive tackle on their board. Sullivan will play the nose position opposite Grady Jackson, Kenny Smith or Willie Whitehead. His addition likely spells the end of Norman Hand’s tenure in New Orleans.

Round 2, Pick 5

Height: 6-5 Weight: 302
40-yard dash: 5.06 10-yard dash: 1.73 ÂÂÂ*
20-yard shuttle: 4.58 60-yard shuttle:
Broad jump: 9-7 225 lb. bench: 32
3-cone drill: 7.83 Vertical jump: 35
Wonderlic: 37 20-yard dash: 2.88
Player evaluation:
Jon Stinchcomb

War Room analysis
This is somewhat of a surprising pick, but we feel that this is a good pick with the departure of Kyle Turley and we feel that Stinchcomb is underrated. While he will never be a dominant run blocker, Stinchcomb is a technician and outstanding pass blocker and has the potential to develop into an outstanding starter with some added bulk.

Run blocking: Is primarily a positional and wall-off blocker. Shows quick feet. Is a tactician; takes good angles and shows great hand placement. Has a strong upper body, but lacks ideal size, bulk and explosiveness. Struggles to drive defenders off the line. Isn\'t overwhelming at the point of attack. Gets in much trouble if not in position and bending knees. Grade: 6.5

Pass blocking: Is tall and athletic. Has great experience in this capacity. Shows excellent technique. Bends knees well and plays with nice leverage. Stays balanced. Has a very quick set. Uses long arms to force wide arcs and shows the consistent footwork to mirror and slide with elite edge rushers. Has only a marginal base. Struggles to anchor vs. top bull rushers. Grade: 7.7

Initial quickness: Excels in this area. Shows quick feet and consistently takes good angles with first steps. Doesn\'t get off balance in pass protection and shows good leverage coming out of run-blocking stance. Grade: 7.9

Strength: Another big concern. Got stronger as a senior and shows adequate upper-body power, but has marginal lower-body strength and lacks great hip explosion. Grade: 6.0

Mobility: Durability is a minor issue after knee injury as a senior, but is still a great athlete. Can stay with top speed rushers. Also uses that quickness as a run blocker and can consistently reach out on linebackers. Grade: 7.4

Bottom line: Stinchcomb comes from the right family; brother Matt (Raiders) was also a standout tackle at Georgia. Jon is savvy and athletic and has more upside than Matt, but he still needs to bulk up. Jon projects as an NFL left tackle. He is a good second- or third-round value.
Dan Pompei analysis
Athletic pass protector who positions himself well and walls off defenders. Shows quick feet to adjust to speed rushers. Is a good technician. Has gotten stronger, but some scouts are concerned he doesn\'t anchor very well and lacks ideal power. Needs to bulk up. Has solid intangibles. Is a similar prospect to his older brother, the Raiders\' Matt Stinchcomb.
Pompei\'s OT ranking: No. 4
Correspondent Analysis

Stinchcomb improves the youth and versatility of the offensive line. He can play either tackle or guard, although his natural position is left tackle. The Saints love his athletic ability and intelligence. He needs to get stronger, especially in the lower body, but the Saints are confident he’ll excel in their strength and conditioning program. The club sees Stinchcomb as the eventual replacement for 32-year-old Wayne Gandy at left tackle.

Round 3, Pick 22

Height: 6-0 Weight: 228
40-yard dash: 4.50 10-yard dash: ÂÂÂ*
20-yard shuttle: 60-yard shuttle:
Broad jump: 0-0 225 lb. bench:
3-cone drill: Vertical jump: 0
Wonderlic: 20-yard dash:
Player evaluation:
Cie Grant

War Room analysis
Strengths: Is an exceptional weakside athlete. Shows rare speed and range. Has improved hands and ability to get through traffic. Is a sideline-to-sideline chaser. Is tough and physical. Is a good tackler with some pop at the point of attack. Shows excellent tools vs. the pass. Has rare coverage skills and can excel in that capacity in the NFL.

Weaknesses: Is a ‘tweener; lacks ideal size at weakside linebacker and experience at strong safety. Must bulk up and continue to get stronger. Gets engulfed at the point of attack when reached. Doesn\'t have a strong-enough lower body to take blockers head-on. Still must improve recognition skills. Needs time to polish technique. Lacks great instincts; needs to work on the mental aspect of the game.

Bottom line: Grant is a very intriguing mid-to-late-round prospect because he played safety, cornerback and linebacker at Ohio State. He could play either the weak side or move back to safety in the NFL, but he needs time to develop wherever he plays. He could also contribute right away as a nickel and dime linebacker.
Dan Pompei analysis
Is very athletic and very fast. Makes plays in pursuit. Shows good coverage skills, and has sideline-to-sideline range. Never stops hustling. Hesitates too often, and shows questionable instincts. Is versatile -- played halfback in high school and cornerback and safety at Ohio State. Should be a solid special teams contributor as a rookie.
Pompei\'s OLB ranking: No. 10

LordOfEntropy 04-26-2003 09:49 PM

info on the 1-3 picks

Summary: Great technician, much like his brother, but his lack of functional football strength keeps him from being a top prospect. May be a better fit at center or guard than tackle.

Has Fontenot signed?

subguy 04-26-2003 10:42 PM

info on the 1-3 picks
No.........he hasn\'t signed

LordOfEntropy 04-26-2003 10:50 PM

info on the 1-3 picks
Maybe Loomis doesn\'t want him signed. Stinchcomb isn\'t ready to start, not from what I\'ve read. But maybe they\'re pushing Fontenot out.

JOESAM2002 04-26-2003 10:59 PM

info on the 1-3 picks
And our other center retired. Bubba Miller decided not to resign. So this pick might be good after all.

LordOfEntropy 04-26-2003 11:02 PM

info on the 1-3 picks
It\'s the only way I can make sense of it.

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