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Cooky591 04-26-2003 09:29 PM

Tom Bneson, I am for hire
I have been very upset with this years free-agent signings, but the draft takes the cake. If Mr. Benson would hire me, this is what are team would have looked like:


QB-Brooks, Bouman, Sullivan
RB-McAllister, Keaton, Fenderson
FB- Casey Moore(rookie from Stanford)*, D. Smith, Houser
TE- Ernie Cornwell, Sloan, Williams
WR- Horn, Stallworth, Pathon, Lewis, ?Late Round Selection Possesion(Justin Gage,Walter Young, Anton Paige)*?, New guys signed from Pratice squad
T- WAyne Gandy, Riley, Folau, Sanderson, Brett Williams(Rookie from Florida State)*!
G- Bentley, Folau, Jacox, Torrin Tucker(Rookie from USM)*!
C- Jacox, Miller, Bentley


DE- Howard, Grant, Whitehead, Smith
DT- Jackson, William Joseph(Rookie from Miami, FL.), Chase, Smith
OLB- Hodge, Dwayne Rudd*, Allen, Smith
MLB- Chris Claireborn*, Kawika Mitchell(Rookie from South Florida)* Allen, Smith, Carroll
CB- Carter, Tory James, Andre Wolfook(Rookie from Oklahoma), Thomas, Craver
S- Jones, Mitchell, Julian Battle(Rookie from Tennessee),Bellamy, Gleason

K- Carney
P- Berger
Return- Lewis, Keaton

What do you think? This would be highly unlikely, because I am figuring on a getting between 3rd and 6th round picks for Norman Hand And Wally Williams, each(denoted by *!). I would sign the offensive players we did, and change the defensive ones up a little. With Claireborn and Rudd we have a stronger LB corp(if they can keep their helmets on or keep from being cowards). Tory James may be shaky, but with the right surroundings he could be a a very good player. He is younger and faster than Ambrose. He has had to play man alot with the likes of Woodson and Allen playing across from him. I believe that Mitchell was chosen after Arizona picked but I am not sure. I would like to know what you think about what might have been if I would have been the GM. Sullivan may be a Pro Bowler, many would have said the same about Joseph after last year. Brett Williams is graded only a little after Stinchcomb by most publications, if not higher. Tucker is a road grader from my hometown and Moore gives a pass catching threat at FB. BUt once again this why I sell trailers and do not run a NFL team.

Cooky591 04-26-2003 09:33 PM

Tom Bneson, I am for hire
Man, I hate Tom Benson so much I misspelled his name

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