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LKelley67 03-24-2006 08:58 AM

Abraham Trade and NYJ-Saints trade effect
good take from pft-

...Enter the Broncos. By sending one of their first-round choices (No. 29 overall) to Atlanta, plus a third-rounder (No. 93) and a fourth-rounder in 2007, Denver pocketed the No. 15 overall choice from the Falcons. Then, the Falcons sent the No. 29 pick to the Jets and ended up with Abraham, a three this year, and a four next year.
Under the trade chart that most, if not all, NFL teams use when valuing draft picks, the Broncos picked up -- at a minimum -- 180 points in pick value by getting the No. 15 pick in exchange for the No. 29, the No. 93, and a fourth-rounder in 2007. And that assumes that the Broncos will have the worst record in 2006, giving them the first pick in each round in 2007.
The more likely scenario is that the Broncos will make the playoffs (again), and the net gain to the Broncos will be more like 240 points.
The bigger question here, however, is why in the hell didn't the Jets just send Abraham and a three and a four to the Falcons for the No. 15 pick? If, as rumored, the Jets are considering a jump from No. 4 to No. 2, the No. 4 and the No. 15 pick will get the deal done, and then some. Heck, with the No. 15 pick on the table the Jets could (given another 100 or so points) jump all the way to the top and nab Reggie Bush, assuming the Texans are willing to slide down to No. 4.
Instead, the Jets will need to throw in some more of their own picks to package with the No. 4 and No. 29 selections. Based on the straight numbers on the trade chart, the Jets will have to send more to the Saints at No. 2 than they would have had to send to Atlanta to get the No. 15 pick.While we won't say that Tangini got fleeced on this one, they missed an opportunity to improve their total standing on draft day.

so NO should get more than a #29, #93, and a 2007 4th rd.

#29 and #71 (3rd rd) would make it 875 of the 800 pts needed. usually the team wanting to move up has to pay a slight premium. that would result in having #4, 29, 34, & 71. Nice! That would still net D'Brick or Hawk and greatly enhance the possibility of scoring Mangold if desired at 29.

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