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subguy 04-26-2003 11:03 PM

Is there like a code of "Positive Attitude" that moderators must adhere to? Anyway, I wish I could see your light at the end of this tunnel :(

JOESAM2002 04-26-2003 11:13 PM

No rule as to being positive it\'s just that i\'ve been a fan so long that nothing the Saints do surprises me. The more I read about the picks the more I understand the reason for taking them. For instance, Sullivan, yea maybe we gave a little to much to get him but this guy will be a player. He has a great motor and doesn\'t quit. Stinchcomb, Now that i\'ve read further, I understand why we picked him. Bubba Miller retired and Fontenot hasn\'t signed, so we are without a true center. I remember when his dad played, if he\'s anything like his dad or brother, i\'m glad we got him. Lastly, Grant, I\'m a big fan of Ohio State, years ago i almost got to go play (or try to play) there. The reason I think we grabbed him is because he can play cb,saftey or weak side linebacker. He has good speed and hopefully he can learn this system and produce for us when they find his place on the field. :D

LordOfEntropy 04-26-2003 11:18 PM

Regading Cie, speed at LB is definitely a requirement with Vick running loose in our division.

Thanks for that post, JOESAM, that actually made me feel better about this draft. Not a lot better, not a whole lot, but better nonetheless.

JOESAM2002 04-26-2003 11:21 PM

You\'re very welcome. Made me feel better too. It helps to read about these things, you never know what you might find out. Now if I can just learn to spell. LOL :D

[Edited on 27/4/2003 by JOESAM2002]

LordOfEntropy 04-26-2003 11:27 PM

The spelling was probably the best part of the chat room today..... :)

Along with the trade of Hand, a six pack, and Smitty\'s dog for Smoot.



JOESAM2002 04-26-2003 11:29 PM

I could go for Smoot but I really don\'t look for it. I\'m not sure Snyder will let them ship him off. They don\'t really have anyone to replace him.

LordOfEntropy 04-26-2003 11:43 PM

Nor do we have 2nd or 3rd round picks to offer anymore, so the point is moot (SMOOT).

Maybe it\'s for the best, though. Smoot had a nasty reputation in Washingtom from what I\'ve read, skipping workouts, trash talking, etc. I think Haz and crew are just a little touchy regarding attitude - Roaf gone, Connell gone (GOOD), now Turley gone (for a 2nd??!?). So I guess the Smoot thing was just never really a possibility.

But has Fontenot been talking, I wonder... I think he was the \"anonymous\" guy criticizing the Turley trade (and rightfully so, I think). But it would help even more to explain the Stinchcomb thing.

iceshack149 04-26-2003 11:51 PM

And where, is the Pakman? I\'m trying to convince myself that these picks made sense. I\'m beginning to hypnotize myself by looking at a pendulum and repeating over and over \"These were good picks.\" and \"They know what they\'re doing.\", but I need some more inspiration. If there is a \"positive attitude\" code, Pak must believe in it.

JOESAM2002 04-26-2003 11:54 PM

Fontenot did say that he thought the Saints were putting to much faith in Gandy to let Turley go. I haven\'t heard anything about him talking to the Saints lately.

Tomorrow, I guess the chat room will be at the same Bat time and same Bat channel. :D

pakowitz 04-27-2003 01:17 AM

sorry guys been doin stuff... im not completely disappointed with our picks... i like sullivan, i dont know if we overpayed for him yet but if he pans out then itll be ok by me.. i think we made an excellent trade moving up... we moved up in the first and 2nd rounds.. i think the addition of stinchcomb, if fontenot doesnt resign, will be adement, b/c we could play him at guard and move bentley to center and that will give us a dominating young interior line for years to come.. i dunno bout the LB, i wanted james as most saints fans in the chat room today did.....hopefully we will get him tomm or dominic davis RB LSU

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