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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; why would we give up our first rounder. i am missing somehting. how are we giving up our first round pick...

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why would we give up our first rounder. i am missing somehting. how are we giving up our first round pick
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The link I provided gives some of the basic rules. The most recent "high pick" player was Tony Banks (RB) was picked by the Texans in the second round so they forfeit thier following year's second. But I'd bet that most teams skip thru the supplemental draft without picking up anyone. Why draft when you can FA invite someone to training camp. Hell the supplemental draft doesn't even rate a confrence call, it's done by e-mail.
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I hate to show my age and more sour Saints history but back in '81 NO chose Illinois QB Dave Wilson in the first round thus forfeiting their '82 #1 pick. That would have been #3 overall, a selection of Jim McMahon QB, Mike Munchak G, Gerald Riggs RB or Marcus Allen RB. Wilson never did much in the dark days of the early eighties Aints.

The whole draft is repeated in late summer with most teams going "no pick" round by round until it is done. Whatever round you select a player is deducted from the following spring's draft board. Only 32 players have been selected in the past 26 supplemental drafts.

Brooks was projected as a top LB last spring. He was then hurt last year and I haven't kept up with him. We can see how we look after the April draft and consider if he is worth a flyer at whatever appropriate round.

LOL I almost didn't even look at this thread. The past brooks is dead 'n gone from my mind.

a supplemental draft history-
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Brooks from Virginia? Haven't we seen him play QB enough and how did he get back into college without us knowing about it? I'll pass on this one.

Oh a linebacker, I'll still pass on this one.
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some scouting and history, some from last year-

This is a player at the inside linebacker position that is a absolute terror
He has the type of size, speed and agility combination you look for at the position, he somewhat resembles current NFL linebacker "Ray Lewis", but he is a both taller and bigger and he is similar in his approach to the game, he has a fire and intensity that is rare getting to the ball carrier, he is a no nonsense type of player that once he arrives to the ball he explodes through the tackle and gives no extra yards after contact
He is the type of player that flings his body all around the field unconsciously, gives relentless effort on every play, along with a motor that is restless, his pursuit to the ball is unmatched, and is a very instinctive player as well, he is quite often used in blitz packages for his teams defense, and is pretty effective at collapsing the pocket
This is the type of player that does not except defeat, and will be a leader for any defense he competes on, he is the only player comparable to Ray Lewis I have ever seen, he is just bigger!
Update (01-05-06) There is a report out of Virginia that the Cavaliers star junior ILB Ahmad Brooks is rethinking his options when it comes to the 2006 NFL draft. The 6-2,250-pound Brooks, who had been considered a potential top 5-10 prospect prior to the season, had been considered a virtual lock to leave early for the NFL despite only playing in 6 games this fall because of an assortment of injuries. Brooks, though, is now reportedly weighing the possibility of returning to school for his final year of eligibility in order to try and raise his draft stock back to that level. It is also possible though that Brook could decide to go pro anyway depending on his academic status.
Update (01-15-06) The University of Virginia has added a blue-chip football "recruit" for next season. Linebacker Ahmad Brooks, an all-ACC pick and a Butkus Award finalist as a sophomore in 2004, has decided to postpone his NFL career and return to U.Va. for his senior season, the school announced yesterday. "I came to Virginia to earn my degree and help Virginia become a great team," Brooks, 21, said in a statement. "I still have a lot of unfinished business to meet my goals. When I do walk into a NFL locker room, I want to do it with my degree. I am looking forward to getting my game in top shape and helping my teammates win an ACC championship. It will all be a lot of work, and I am ready to get started. I appreciate all the support I have received from the advisors, coaches and teammates."Brooks, a graduate of Hylton High in Woodbridge, led U.Va. in tackles as a true freshman in 2003 and again as a sophomore. But Brooks had surgery on his right knee last March, a setback that caused him to miss spring practice and much of training camp.His long-awaited 2005 debut came in U.Va.'s fourth game, but knee, ankle and back problems plagued Brooks all season. He was out of shape and made only 27 tackles in his six games.When the 6-4, 260-pound Brooks is in top physical condition, however, his blend of power, size and speed can be breathtaking. There's "no question he's the most talented player I've ever seen or been around," then-U.Va. defensive coordinator Al Golden said last summer. "He just does remarkable things. For him, it's all about focus, and it's all about experience. He's still very young in his development . . . He's got to develop better workout habits, better study habits off the field, kind of like [former U.Va. linebacker] Angelo Crowell had."
Update (02-18-06) Virginia officials have re-iterated that star MLB Ahmad Brooks is still with the team, however, rumors continue to circulate around the team that Brooks has been dismissed from the Cavaliers because of an undisclosed off-field incident. A Virginia spokesman told the The Richmond Times-Dispatch that Brooks' "status on our football team has not changed. He is a member of our football team. Ahmad's eligibility to participate has not changed." The paper, though, also reported that a source close to the football program "expressed surprised" that Brooks was still on the team. Brooks had been expected to be a relatively high pick at the 2006 draft, however, opted to return to school for his senior season after an injury plagued junior campaign. Stay tuned as we will continue to follow this story.
Update (02-19-06) Jeremy Root, of The Cavalier Daily, reports Virginia LB Ahmad Brooks failed a drug test within the past two weeks and will not be practicing with the team this spring, according to two sources close to the team. The sources told The Cavalier Daily that Virginia head coach Al Groh informed the team Brooks would not be with the squad this spring, and his status for the fall had not yet been determined. Because Brooks originally elected not to enter the 2006 NFL Draft by the Jan. 15 deadline, if he wishes to participate in the 2006 NFL season, he will have to enter the Supplemental Draft, which generally takes place in the summer. Brooks also has the option to petition the NFL to gain entry in the NFL Draft, to be held Apr. 29 and 30.
Update (02-20-06) The father of star Virginia LB Ahmad Brooks said this weekend he expects his son to play for the Cavaliers this coming season. Perry Brooks, a former NFL player, was commenting on an internet report citing unidentified sources that Brooks had been dismissed from the team and would apply to the NFL's supplemental draft this summer. As we reported earlier, the school has denied the reports, however the Richmond Times-Union is reporting that according to their sources, Brooks has unspecified issues that must be resolved if he is to play again at Virginia. According to the rumor, Brooks dismissal stemmed from a recent "off-field incident." Brooks, a 6-4, 260-pound inside linebacker, led Virginia in tackles in both 2003 and 2004 and had been projected as a possible top pick at the 2006 draft, however, injuries marred his junior season and Brooks decided to return to school for his senior season rather than leave school early and enter this year's NFL draft.
Update (03-03-06) According to a source very familiar with the current situation surrounding former All-ACC linebacker Ahmad Brooks and his standing on the University of Virginia football team, the senior-to-be had a face-to-face meeting with head coach Al Groh and AD Craig Littlepage last Friday (February 25th, 2006), where his future with the program was discussed... as of today, the school at all levels, SID, AD, football office and registers office, have all stated that Brooks' standing with the school and team has not changed, but have not denied that they might currently be dealing with an internal problem that could result in him being removed from the team's roster. Our source informed us that Brooks has once again tested positive for an illegal substance, although the levels of his test where such that both Brooks and his advisors/supporters are stating that it could have occured from merely being around second hand smoke... the Cavaliers athletic department deals with issues like this one internally, so there is no official records of how many times in the past that Brooks may have tested positive during his time with the team... the source went on to say that Brooks' name plate has also been official removed from the locker room, as well...
Pros: Can stuff the run, get after the passer and is good in coverage. Shows the most potential of any linebacker in the draft. Is so athletic he was retruning kicks his sophmore year.
Cons: Has major injury concerns and has shown a lack of dedication in recovering from his injuries.
Overall: Who ever drafts him will be taking a big risk but if it pans out they will be getting the best linebacker to come into the draft in some time.
Ahmad Brooks is a big, multi-tooled 'backer with plenty of power coming from the middle linebacker position, plus his combination of size and speed means that he will be able to operate in virtually any defensive system in the NFL. Brooks is also one of the finest tacklers in college football, showing good wrap-up on virtually all of his tackles
There isn't a whole lot missing with Brooks. He will sometimes show a lack of patience when facing a screen or other slowed-down play, but between the faster pace of the NFL and added experience, that problem should correct itself.
Ahmad was a consensus pre-season All-American across all the groups that make those squads. He broke Virginia's freshman tackles record with 117 in 2003, and was a finalist for the coveted Butkus award after his sophomore campaign
Pros: Great size, speed, jumping ability, and athleticism - the whole package when it comes to physical attributes. Terrific coverage and pass rushing skills. Sideline to sideline type of linebacker that can chase down the fastest of running backs and cover TEs and RBs well. Very hard hitting while being a good wrap-up tackler as well. Good at stuffing the run up the middle. Trained in the 3-4 scheme under Al Groh (former Parcells/Belichick protege) so should be able to come in and start immediately for any 3-4 team. With his speed, athleticism and pass rush skills, should be able to handle any LB spot inside or outside. Can take over a game with his defensive play.
Cons: Had minor knee surgery during the offseason, came back and sprained his ankle. Returned out of shape and not fully healed from ankle sprain. Not producing much this past season because of injuries because he's only played in about half the season. Questions could be raised about his work ethic from this past season. Although a disciplined player for the most part, tends to freelance once in awhile. In 2003, was caught with marijuana but no other reported incidents since.
Tremendous size for a linebacker (6'4" 259 lbs) with tremendous physical talents. Considered by many as potentially the best LB out of college since players like Brian Urlacher, Ray Lewis and Lavar Arrington. Has elite speed for a LB, possibly 4.5 speed. Was considered a top 10 pick if he had declared after his sophomore class last year. Has the potential to be one of the greats.

The biggest questionmark with him is if he can make it back from his nagging injury and be in shape by the combine. If he performs in the combine like what he should be able to do, he could be a top 5 pick. If he's not in shape by then, he could very well drop past the top 15 especially after his sub-par season. Could also improve his shedding techniques a bit.

Named 2004 First-team All-American by the Sporting News and CSTV, Second-team All-American by the AP and Walter Camp Football Foundation. Led team in tackling his freshman and sophomore years, Virginia's all-time tackling leader with 234.
Ahmad Brooks is a beast, plain and simple. The only thing that keeps him from being the top ranked ILB on the board is the fact that he’s a sophomore. His size is ideal and he’s faster than any ILB close to his size. Brooks is a true sideline to sideline player, but more importantly, and what sets him apart from other ILBs, is his ability to play in coverage. He’s plenty strong for run support and sheds blocks well. He’s a rock solid tackler and his speed allows him to have great pursuit. But all of that is icing on the cake, when you watch him drop in coverage and blitz. His speed and instincts are so natural and he moves so well, it’s almost like watching a safety, albeit a really big safety.
His weakness? Hmmm…that’s a good one. Not sure if Brooks has much to work on in terms of his game, except he could get stronger to go with that size and play a little more stout in the run defense. The only thing he has to gain this year is more experience. Being a true sophomore (sort of), means he’s only got one year of college experience. So he’ll learn the position even better this year and cut down on some of the poor decisions he made last year that took him out of plays.
Look out of for this kid. Brooks is part of the best LB corps in the country and he still stands out as the best of the bunch. Watching him play last year, you would have never known that it was his first year in college. He’s all the clichés — fast as a secondary player, hits like a truck, blah, blah, blah, they apply to Brooks. On a team, with Chris Canty and Darryl Blackstock, it should make for a nice competition as to who gets drafted first. My money is on Brooks if he declares. One thing that Brooks and his teammates have that’s unique is that Virginia plays a base 3-4, and with the current trend of NFL teams making the switch, having a kid who’s already comfortable in the system is a big bonus.
Final Word:
LOOPHOLE — Brooks is a true sophomore, so why include him? Well, he’s a true sophomore, ala Larry Fitzgerald. Brooks attended a prep school for a year, before going to Virginia, to work on his grades. So at the end of this year, although he’ll only have completed two brilliant seasons at Virginia, he will already be 3 years removed from his high school graduating class making him draft eligible. If there’s any underclassman that’s NFL ready, it’s Brooks and I would be shocked if he didn’t declare.
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I remember last year everyone was going on about that DT from USC who cme in the supplement. But Brooks by far I would definately use on a 3rd or below on next years picks.
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Originally Posted by zachsaints52
I remember last year everyone was going on about that DT from USC who cme in the supplement. But Brooks by far I would definately use on a 3rd or below on next years picks.
Manuel Wright, the guy who Saban made cry. He was just a rookie last year, I wonder if he will step up this year? Other notable supplemental draft players, Drew Henson, and Tony Hillings(not banks) for the Texans. They traded Henson to the Cowboys after getting his rights in the supplemental. If it wouldn't cost us more than a 4th round pick, which would be higer than anyone else's but the Texans'(who have shown a willingness to go after supplemental players), i'd do it. This guy was considered a lock for a high draft spot before the travesty that was last season. For a 4th round pick, why not? Gotta be better than another Chase Lyman.
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If we don't draft a LB in the first two rounds, I'd say it might be a HUGE payoff if we took him in the second-day rounds...
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