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LKelley67 03-28-2006 10:27 PM

Two Spots on the Bubble
There are some positions in dire need of help and a few that could use depth but are set at the starters. here are two on the bubble, one way or another to me-

Tight End- Conwell is a good enough guy but looks like he is at the end of the road. Even when he was healthy he was unimpressive. Mark Campbell looks like a Lamont Hall replacement/improvement to me. Who knows about Meier since he has only been injured. Zach Hilton looked as impressive when given the opportunity as many thought he might. He is still a big question though. Limited in blocking ability, can he produce enough and consistently to free the team from worrying about a major TE acquisition? Everyone knows how Brees used Gates and also high vital a TE is in a west coast offense.

LB- I write Fujita in as a solid if unspectacular improvement. Anthony Simmons has tremendous upside if he is ready to play again. A very big if though. I count that we are gonna score at least one LB in the draft who will compete for a starting job also. That leaves one spot. We have 3 youngsters of varied skill, experience, and abilities- Watson, Fincher, and Bockwoldt. between them I would hope to get one starting position filled. Plenty of questions about each though. LBs could end up being the surprise strength of the team or we could still be wondering who we are gonna get to play solidly a year from now.

Whatchu say cher?

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