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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Brooks is a Raider and Brees is a Saint. Chalk up another one for Captain Obvious. lol....j/k LTF...just bustin' your balls....

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Brooks is a Raider and Brees is a Saint.
Chalk up another one for Captain Obvious. lol....j/k LTF...just bustin' your balls.
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Originally Posted by SkipThomas
Hmmmm let ask this question. How many of you were at the Super Dome that wonderful day when Hakim fumbled the ball? How many of you hated Brooks then? How many of you hated him the day he threw for 5 TDs against the Giants? How many of you are old enough to remember when Bobby, Archie, Billy, and who ever else we had at QB made bonehead plays. Did you guys hate Bobby Hebert when he threw the interception to Deion Sanders in the playoff game against Atlanta? Seems to me this franchise has never had a QB to take us to the promise land...yet all of the hatred is directed to Brooks like no other...can anyone tell me why that is? And please don't give me the Archie played on bad teams story...don't tell me he didn't have the talent that Brooks had. Both sucked at different points of their time in a Saints uniform and both suffered miserably from playing behind sub-standard offensive lines. I look forward to seeing Drew Brees in a Saints uniform and I look forward to seeing AB throwing to Randy Moss...you know someone who can catch the ball and do something with it after it's caught
Ask us how many people care about your Brooks defenses? Ever hear the sound of one hand clapping?
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Ask us how many people care about your Brooks defenses? Ever hear the sound of one hand clapping?
Hey Whodi, is that calling punishing the bishop?
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I don't know what it is called, but the clap can't be good.
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Ditup2..I bet you didn't think I could figure things out (smile)
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Saintswhodi...I asked a legitimate question because I don't understand the malice everyone has for Brooks. I wasn't defending him just asking why he wasn't held up to the same standard that other Saints QBs were held up to. They all stinked but none of them were hated like Brooks. No one can tell me why he was hated so much but his stats were the best of any QB the team has had...no one won more games, threw more TDs, and so on but yet he's the most hated Saint of all time...Why?
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Stats alone doesn't make you a winner, if you kill a drive more times than not than to me stats don't mean anything to me.
Brooks could take you down field at times only to fumble, throw an int. or as said many times throw a backwards pass, throwing for over 300 yards means nothing to me if you make 3-4 mistakes that cost your team the win in the same game that you throw for all that yardage, what good is being a 300 yard passer if you can't get it in the end-zone?
I don't know how to explain Brooks more than I just said, I'm tired of ppl talking about his stats, 10 years from now no one will remember his stats , some one like Brett Farve they'll talk about his stats 30 years from now because he was a winner, he had what it took to win games

Rest In Peace JoeSam, thanks for everything my friend.
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... let us ask this question...how many handles does one need when trying to push the ol' tired same topic over and over and over again?

....whateveryournameis: let it go. You are actually hurting your man more than you are helping him. If it weren't for Brooks opening his yap saying how great he is and proving himself wrong AND people like you who keep on putting down fan favorites of the past to prop your man up, Brooks wouldn't even be mentioned... heck, had he said the right things, most folks here would've given him a better treatment, but the combination of his yap and your e-yap is just too much for Saints fans to bear...

... so what if Brooks has records... who cares... the Rangers could land on Normandy today, and would mean crap compared to the Normandy landing of 60-some years ago...

.. so just let it go... who knows, maybe the Raiders win the SB next year with Brooks at the helm and you can come here and gloat and taunt and whathaveyou, but until then, just let it go...

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Originally Posted by saintswhodi
After all the heartache I got from Aaron Brooks, I know I didn't agree to anything of the sort. The thread is clearly titled. If anyone doesn't wanna discuss Aaron, don't. As for me, I am gonna purge my system of his memory every chance I get. Noone should be apologizing cause they are talking about Aaron Brooks, unless we are no longer gonna talk about LeCharles, Howard, Knight, Roaf, Turley, Delhomme, O'Sullivan, Tesucky, or any other player who has left for another team.
Well said. Some of the people on this board have an agenda to keep all conversations about Brooks to zero. The case goes like this... he ain't here no more, we HATE him, he never did squat but play bad, and we never want to hear about that Ahole again.... bla bla bla....

Get over it.... this board is for any conversation that pretains to the NFL, Saints and even Louisiana sports in general. There is too much undeserved HATE for Brooks that is unwarrented. Sure he made some boneheaded plays but that's over now.

Love him or hate him, Brooks will go down in our sorry history as the BEST QB to date. Hopefully Brees will do better but that remains to be seen. If history is any indication, Brees is in for some rough threads in the near future.

If we can't talk about the QB that holds almost all of the Saints QB records because he isn't in a Saints uniform anymore then we shouldn't be able to talk about ANY PLAYER NOT IN A SAINTS UNIFORM which would be stupid.

Aaron Brooks gave us some of the greatest games I've ever seen in Saints history too. He more than anybody else handled Tampa in the Superbowl run. We also started out 7-0 one season when Brooks played great and if it wouldn't have been for the defense, we would have gone far. Brooks has an unbelievable 26 come from behind victories to his credit a fact lost on people that only remember the pass he threw behind him for 20 yards. On year he had 28TDs and 8 Ints but you only hear that he smiles. That is all lost on some people becasue he sucked the last two years behind a bad offensive line and one of the worse defensed ever imagined by Venturi. Hell the whole team sucked.

If Brooks threads POes you, get over it. When did the moderaters ban talk about Brooks anyway? You look like weenies crying about Brooks threads. Why should people that are still interested in Brooks be forced to read your sour grapes? Please wish him well and if you don't like threads about him, please refraim from your usual comments because I know that you love the Saints so those comments should be beneath you.

At least he didn't leave us in FA like so many other players. I believe he wanted to be a Saint first.

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I just hope everyone who hates Aaron for throwing ints, also hates Drew when he throws one.
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