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LKelley67 03-29-2006 08:01 AM

A Salute to Fellow Fans
On another thread I commented that the Saints have only had 7 winning seasons out of 39. It made me wonder if we have actually been THE worst. I had to check-

Bengals have seemed perpetually as bad too, right? Oops, two Superbowl losses in the '80s. Franchised one year after NO and has 12 winning seasons

Detroit? Only 9 winning seasons since the Saints started. Last wildcard in '97. close but still better.

Okay, it has to be the dreadful Cardinals. Damn, 8 winning seasons since the saints inception. Even won a wildcard game in 1998.

:cry: Well screw it. Ya know how those Red Sox fans were when winning the Series? They ain't seen nothing. When the Lombardi trophy is paraded down Canal St. and the Quarter. It is gonna be some kinda parTAY!

I salute ye my brethren B&G supporters. We have hope in our new team even if they may not quite yet be deserving of full-fledged faith. Even so, we have the faith. Fans like these deserve a ring.

"...well I woke up this mornin' and I had myself a beeyah"

:saintsfan: :patos:

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