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CheramieIII 04-01-2006 06:55 PM

I shouldn't post this but..........
Mike D. has predicted exactly what I predicted in my new mock draft on our home page that I updated on 3/29/06. These comments came directly off of another Saints website:

I was watching TV yesterday at about 6:00 and Mike D. was on talking about the draft. He thinks that the best scenario for the Saints would be to trade down to about 4 or 6 and draft Hawk. He thinks if we trade down passed 6 we cant get the guys we want even Super Mario.

I believe he rated our needs as WLB/MLB, LT CB, DT.

He thinks round 2 we should go Eric Winston with #34 and if we get another pick by trading down we should go MLB and he really likes D'Qwill Jackson. Also if we get a 3rd he thinks we should go for CB Kelly Jennings.

Here's the link to my mock draft.

This is exactly why people don't like him and if you thought people didn't pay attention to Black and Gold.Net, I bet you change your mind now!

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