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Babystepping Down the Draft

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; 1 Houston trades out to NYJ (4,29,71,103 and a 2 in 07) - Bush 2 NO Trades out to Tenn. (3,102 and a 3 in 07) - Matt 3 NO trades out to Houston (4,33,and 4 in 07) - D ...

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Babystepping Down the Draft

1 Houston trades out to NYJ (4,29,71,103 and a 2 in 07) - Bush
2 NO Trades out to Tenn. (3,102 and a 3 in 07) - Matt
3 NO trades out to Houston (4,33,and 4 in 07) - D Brick
4 NO trades out to SF (6,37,68) - Mario
5 GB - AJ
6 NO - Trades out to Oakland (7,69 and 6 in 07) - Davis
7 NO - Broderick Bunkley DT FSU
@ 7 DT we need
33,34,68,69,99,102 on day one of the draft.
1-1, 2-2,3-2,4-2,5-1,6-2 in next years draft

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You are either ballsy, or drink too much for your own good to come up with a scheme like that.

Either way, that is an awesome scenario. I see what you were talking about in the other posting. I can't see it working out like that (once again, alot of shenanigans) but it would be cool as hell to see it happen!
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Hagan, I'm guessing you're a quantity over quality guy? First of all this is a joke and won't happen. But I'll move past that and say that we need to trade down for some extra picks but, but with all that trading down we are sacraficing quantity for quality, and you can count me out on something like this. If we don't come away with Brick or Hawk in this draft I'll be very dissapointed in our FO for passing up on impact guys who we can build around for many years. Much prefer to get the Jets 2 first rounders and maybe a late rounder. There we can get 3 starters to fill our biggest holes; lb, ot, and center (mangold should be there at 29). This scenario gives us extra quality picks. I don't get some of these crazy trade down scenarios where we end up with all these picks, how many guys are going to actually play? Are we cutting our whole team and starting fresh (that may not be a bad idea...)? Trade with the Jets and nothing more.
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Let me preface this by saying I agree with you 83%...we trade with the Jets, get 2 1st rounders and even a third, then get to getting better.

but, do we need to examine the idea of stockpiling picks like JJ did in Big D? why not. We've already gone the other way on this logic train and given it all of for one big time pick...one high as hell, chiba smoking pick..so why not look at trying to play this draft for all its worth

Still, there comes a point where you are cutting your own legs out from under you. One trade down for good picks is all we really need. Too many is trying too hard to solve 2+2.

does that still equal 4?
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After some of the crazy thing i have read about the draft why not go wayout there. what is so bad getting the best DT in the draft and filling the needs of AFC teams? And yes I drink way to much. As for Quanity over Quality i go for a 30 pac over a 6 pack anyday.
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Did we draft??? What did I miss??? WOW... We must be ready for the Superbowl.
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I didn't check the value chart to see how close those were but anyone that does will realize the great value in trading down. the first 4 picks are separated by 400pts each. after that 100 to #8, then 50. I would like getting Hawk in the #5 or 6 spot and picking up a low first/high second and a third rounder at minimum.
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