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We should get Matt

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; If we stay at #2 take Matt, if we trade down (which I more for every week, happy Cher?) I say go with the best player available D'Brick (personal fave), AJ, or Mario....

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If we stay at #2 take Matt, if we trade down (which I more for every week, happy Cher?) I say go with the best player available D'Brick (personal fave), AJ, or Mario.
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I won't moan if they tale Leinart. I can understand the strategy. I just prefer getting a QB that has been broken in at least. It doesn't have to be big name or early round $30+million signee. If we had not gotten Brees I would have been all over the get Schaub bandwagon. Not for #2 but I would have gone for something like Schaub, #15, and #47 for #2 or him just for #34 straight up.

If you don't know my ultimate preference by now I will state it one more time. Trade down to #5, (risk to #6 if Young goes) even if that might be 2 trades. Pick up all that ya can for that and add another 1st Rd and at least 2 more 2nds. Pick Hawk at 5-6.

I'm counting Bush, Leinart, Brick, Mario as the top 4 picks no matter what order. Vince Young is the wildcard possibility for those spots and that only helps push Brick or Mario down.
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I'm not against drafting Leinart, and I can definately see the positives. But I really believe in Brees and having a #1 pick standing in the shadows may have the reverse effect it had on him in San Diego. The guys is already poised to take over this team and New Orleans. He has something to prove and I really think he wants to be in a Saints uniform for a long time. I think we should up grade the O-Line to give the guy more protection. Upgrade the D-Line to get the ball back in the Offenses hands more often. I say skip on Leinart, trade down and draft a couple badazzes.
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If Brees isn't able to start, who starts? How much confidence will the team have in a proven underperformer reject FA? It was the offense last year that was miserable, not the defense, and that being said, there was no confidence in the QB to get the team where it wanted to be. Brown proved last year that it takes a couple of seasons to adjust as a lineman, and linebackers take as long as well given the complexities of opposing offenses. Filling the seats is going to be important because the team's just not going to be that good next year. With either Lienart or Young, you've at least got two things: insurance against Brees injury and respect from fans and the media because of their collegiate careers that will fill seats just to watch them develop and mature. Nobody will buy tickets late in a losing season to watch D'Brick mature.
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Two words: "OFFENSIVE LINE!!!" I sure hope that Matt Leinart can pass block and run block. I hear this every year abour the Saints need a QB. The last time I checked they had 53 men and 27 other positions in football.
What good is getting another QB (besides Brees) in the draft when there are holes at other positions that needed to be addressed. Let whoever draft the "Bachelor Bob Look-a-Like. The O-Line needs "D-Brick!!"

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D'Brick first pick makes more sense to me than picking another QB, start with the OL and finish with the defensive side of the ball
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D'Brick,AJ,Davis,Mario,Bunkley,Ngata,Lawson, then matt on the needs list.
D'Brick,AJ,Davis, Matt on the talent list.
Bush is gone at #1 to the Texans or the Jets.
Butt I still think we will pull a San Diego at 2 if we have to.
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The difference between selecting Leinart and Ferguson is a simple one. Next year there will be another Ferguson in the top 5 in the draft. There will NOT be another Leinart.

Since we ABSOLUTELY WILL have another top 5 pick next year, we can pick up "our" Ferguson next year.
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Said it before...I'll say it again....draft down a couple of spots......fill in needs with draft.
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