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Mike D. talking about Saints w/ Link

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Mike D. talking on the Saints draft. He covers a lot of topics that we have been talking about. Really good..... http://www.sportsnoteradio.com...

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Mike D. talking about Saints w/ Link

Mike D. talking on the Saints draft. He covers a lot of topics that we have been talking about.
Really good.....


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RE: Mike D. talking about Saints w/ Link



Mike D's dream draft is for Saints to get 7 good players. (guess Mike doesn't know we have 8 picks).

Have to use picks to improve defensive front seven and cornerbacks.

Titans want Leinart. Jets too. Jets have stockpiled picks.
Believes Saints will get fair share of trade offers to move down.
Thinks it will be the Jets trading up.

Mario is no smokescreen. Charles Grant is up and down. Down year last year. Final year of contract.
Mario physically most gifted DE since Bruce Smith 19 years ago.
Better at playing run than Peppers. Mario Constantly double teamed and 20 sacks and 45 TFL in last two years.

Can't go wrong whoever you pick, Brick (compares to Walter Jones), Mario, or Hawk.

last year on 4th down on four talked about Brown playing LT. Haslett said next year he's gonna be left tackle.

Stinchcomb will have to play inside if he's gonna make it in NFL. best suited for LG. Gotta find a veteran RT. Will probably draft OL fairly early.

Payton will have say come draft day.

Saints undisciplined last year. Not in great shape. Payton much stricter and some vets not crazy about it. Saints need it. has been like a "country club" training camp. Players took advantage of not being pushed by Has.

Horn has gas left in tank. Has heard the rumor about Grant and Walker. He heard it was a straight up swap. Which he thinks is possible. Would love to see it happen. Would do it in a hearbeat. Walker a big, physical receiver who can run after the catch. Would be a great deal for Saints. Thinks they would have to both work out long term contracts to make it happen.

"What the hell are the Eagles doing? They could've got Moulds for a fifth..."

Dwight Smith moving to CB is possible. Keith Adams great special teams player. Natural SS. Understands Gibbs D.
Bryan Scott was CB in college. picked higher than thought. Moved to S in Atlanta. Mora wanted a physical S. Could they move him to conrer? Thinks best option is to keep Smith and Bullocks at S. and let Scott and Davis be primary back ups. May see Scott in nickle and dime.

Colby catching on at MLB pretty well. Very instinctive, flows to ball well. Won't really know until we see him in a game. Can he get around the heavy traffic inside? One negative on Colby was strength. Has worked hard to improve strength. Of all the guys being moved inside, Colby has best shot.
McKinnon best MLB for Saints in several years.

Saints have tough schedule. Doesn't like November. When teams hit stride and November is tough.

Carolina has had best off season in NFC south. Atlanta nice to with Milloy, Crocker and Abraham.

Saints third in the NFC during FA. Could move into two spot depending on draft.

Tampa has done nothing. Play first place schedule. Not gonna be easy. Thinks they will fall back this year.

At the mini camp Curtis Johnson WR coach got onto Devery pretty good about what he did with the ball after the catch. Told him to get up field.

Talkin' bout the schedule. Thinks we will win first game in the dome against Falcons. Will be competitive in first two games against Browns and Packers.

Saints looking at Jamie Martin along with many teams as backup QB.

This is Devery's last chance. Hopes coach Johnson can help him.

I couldn't find it for the longest time because its 'Kampman'.


Aaron Kampman

2006 Scouting Report - Scouts Inc.
Grade: 68 | Key
Alert: None

He has good strength at the point of attack and when he stays down and plays with good leverage he can hold his own on the line of scrimmage. He is inconsistent with his leverage. He works hard with his hands to dis engage from blocks. He has limited running ability however he plays hard and gives a great effort running to the ball. He has good intelligence and plays with good diagnostic skills but he lacks ideal changes of direction skills. He does not have the timing or the explosiveness to get up field and turn the corner on the edge and he lacks the bulk to hold up consistently inside. He does not have good use of his hands in pass rush and he needs to develop a variety of pass rush moves that he has confidence in.

2005 Scouting - Defensive End (from best to worst):

1 Julius Peppers DE CAR -- 95
2 Dwight Freeney DE IND -- 94
3 Michael Strahan DE NYG A 93
4 Jason Taylor DE MIA -- 90
5 Jevon Kearse DE PHI -- 85
6 Shaun Ellis DE NYJ -- 84
7 Charles Grant DE NO -- 83
8 Aaron Schobel DE BUF -- 82
9 Leonard Little DE STL -- 82
10 Simeon Rice DE TB -- 82

15 Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila DE GNB -- 80

69 Aaron Kampman DE GNB -- 68

Charles Grant

2006 Scouting Report - Scouts Inc.
Grade: 83 | Key
Alert: None

He tends to come off the ball too high and does not play with good leverage in the run game. He has good upper body strength however that is negated if he doesn't play with good leverage. He has excellent speed and running ability for his size. He gets tied up too often mostly because he doesn't believe or have confidence in his reads. In pass rush he shows excellent ability to get up field. He has a nice change of pace that causes the offensive lineman stop his feet and he accelerates at the right time and can get the corner. He needs to continue to improve his pass rush technique. He has a good arm under and a decent bull rush but he could do so much more with his explosiveness and his ability to accelerate.

Call it a hunch, but I think the fact that Grant is rated as teh 7th, KGB as the 15th, and Kampman as the 69th might play a role in this.

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