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Is this the most exciting draft for Saints fans?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; correct me if im wrong but doesnt culpepper have a 100 million dollar contract?...

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correct me if im wrong but doesnt culpepper have a 100 million dollar contract?
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I'm real excited about this draft. I'm so excited that I was going to head over and see if I could get in and see the draft live but I'm going out of town for the weekend. Would have been cool to have a Saints fan in there cheering for whoever we draft (or booing if its Mario). Either way, I think that if we draft well this can really start our team on the right track.
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where are you going.. that you would miss the draft?!??!?!?!?!?
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Yup pak he does... which is why there was no reason to even consider that. We'll make good use holding on to our 34th pick.
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Oh, I'm watching the draft Pak, just going to have to watch it on TV instead of in person. One of my friends and I were planning on going to Radio City but I got a family thing down in PA. However, I don't see myself leaving the television much that weekend.
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Originally Posted by xan
And maybe Culpepper would be a Saint. Either way, we'd have signed a Pro Bowl qb for $4Million less. Possibly having room to sign Bentley, or one of the other serious linemen that went FA fishing, though we would know that Culpepper could throw from day one, giving us a heads up on whether we'd need a qb at draft time...And this would still be an exciting draft...
.. and you keep going back to Brees and the money.


Bentley was NOT coming back. Sure the FO could've franchised him and have a disgruntled center for another year, if that's what you wanted to see. Personally, I want to see players who want to play for the coach, team, and fans.

The Saints would NOT have been able to sign either Bress or Culpepper for 4,000,000 less.
You keep mentioning that no one other than the Dolphins and the Saints were bidding for Brees, but you fail to realize that in great part it was because Brees' agent was asking for 10 mil guaranteed from the start and the Saints jumped and said "we'll pay it" , and had the cap room to pay up. That immediately put just about all teams in need of a QB out of the bidding because they just didn't have the cap room to compete against that. The Dolphins still tried to do it offering 4,000,000 less, because that's all they had, and figured that maybe, because of the situation in N.O. and the Dolphins history and location and coach blah blah Brees would've taken less money to go there. And he almost did. And maybe it is that the Saints did overpay Brees without bargaining much, but that was the cost of bringing someone like Brees into the situation the Saints are in, and create the excitement that the move has generated.

As for Culpepper, Culpepper wasn't a free agent. He was traded, which means the Dolphins are going to absorb Culpepper's salary , which was restructured, and Culpepper is getting 7,000,000 bonus and 1,000,000 base salary this year. Drew's guaranteed money is 10 mil for the entire contract, I believe Culpepper's guaranteed money for the life of his contractis more than that. Culpepper may be able to throw the ball today, but can he move now? His mobility was a great part of his play.

The last thing I want to say, I always see posts of people calling Benson cheap, and not willing to open his wallet to bring in name players. Whoop, there it is!

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I understand folks being down on Brees for his Arm, but lay off the big contract...you have to spend to win, make money, etc. I'm just glad to know our FO had the stones to not just beat the Dolphins offer, but put them way back against the wall on matching it...that's cojones. Good lord, I'd hate to think we were the Marlins of the NFL (Jeffery Lurie Sucks!!!)

That one investment made a huge difference in what we get to do now. Can you imagine what FAs we'd have gotten if we said "Josh McCown is our Man!!"....yikes....I personnally thought the best we'd do was make a run at Kitna, so I'm way pleased.

I live onthe west coast so watching the draft is kinda cool b/c I don't have to wait until 1200L. Just 0900L. Come on 2 weeks, pass fast!!!
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Yes, I'm incedibly excited about this years draft. I think I've set myself up for disappointment though, being so excited.. I hope not. In other topics though, I dont think the Saints have hurt themselves at all by picking up Brees. To be completely honest, I chuckle every time I see somebody post that. I watched Brees when he was a rookie on, I recall spacificly saying that once he stopped throwing bombs and started learning, he was going to be awesome. I was right. The problem with him early in his career was he'd toss 3 60 yard TD's in a game but he'd also toss 3 or 4 INTs going deep the same way. The guy has stopped tossing bombs and has started learning Defences, that is all he needed. We know Bouman is a bum, you think the rest of the NFL doesnt know that? Trust me, teams know we may still grab Leinart. If they dont offer us anything come draft day, we'll probly still get him and then shop him out and trust me, we are going to get the offers. I wouldn't at all be suprised to see Rickey Williams trade go down for somebody like the Raiders or the Jets.

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Well xan? :P
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At this point, our draft will be a success or failure by the talent and holes filled with the 7 other draft choices. What we do with the first selection will be nice, but no matter how that plays, this team needs significant starting talent and quality depth. Maybe this will be the year we wax proudly as we point to the moment our crack FO finally figures out how to draft and develop talent.

I am not going there whodi. I choose to breathe deeply and let the anger pass. What's done is done. Make the best outcome with the assets at hand.

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