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BrooksMustGo 04-21-2006 01:16 PM

Mangold can suck it


Indeed, as more teams build defenses from the inside out, with tackles as the cornerstones, centers are no longer on the outside looking in now. Teams are increasingly seeking out not just centers who can serve as anchors inside, but blockers with more athleticism. The preponderance of zone-blocking schemes around the league has fueled the urgency to locate such players.

Chester is an intriguing prospect in that regard. A player who began his college career as a tight end, the Oklahoma star moved to center as a junior, excelled there except for some injuries, and is one of the real risers on draft boards. Chester can get out in front on screen passes, pulls well on sweeps and will get down field and block at the second level.

"You get a guy as mobile as him," agreed one NFC offensive line coach, "and you can do a lot of things. A player like him gives you some important options on offense."
I REALLY like the idea of sweeps and screen passes. Mangold hasn't got the wheels. I wonder if Chester could fall all the way into the 3rd? Probably not but he's a more intriguing prospect to me than Mangold who probably won't make it out of the 1st.

BlackandBlue 04-21-2006 01:49 PM

RE: Mangold can suck it
not as concerned about his 40-yard dash as i am his 20-yard shuttle, and Mangold topped the list in that category at the combine.

Euphoria 04-21-2006 02:26 PM

RE: Mangold can suck it
Mangold's got a motor... he is the number one center in this years draft.

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