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The Legend Of An Internet Guru

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; If you haven't been following the Bongo59 story it is entertaining. The dude certainly is unique and knows how to draw a crowd. He appears on many NFL message boards as well as other subject boards. He claims to be ...

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The Legend Of An Internet Guru

If you haven't been following the Bongo59 story it is entertaining. The dude certainly is unique and knows how to draw a crowd.

He appears on many NFL message boards as well as other subject boards. He claims to be an ex-employee of the Saints and currently is consulting for 4 other NFL teams. Jets, Titans, and even other Saints boards are filled with his stuff. I find his take to be not too wacky but nothing so revealing to convince me of his sincerity as having any inside info. He seems to be the perpetuator of the current strong trade rumor of Oakland moving up to get Leinart that is all over the internet. I just find it amazing how one person can capture the attention so devotedly of so many. If you check some of these other boards there are many threads 12-40+ pages long conversing with him or discussing the "inside" info he drops. SR even has a devoted 'Who Is Bongo' guessing thread LOL. It's novel but it reflects how giant the NFL draft has become. Quite a few people are making some bucks over this expanding cottage industry. Whodi said something kewl in another thread... along the lines of- There are many people here that do a lot of research and study. A lot of the views are well thought out. And ya know what, many are just as good as some of the so-called experts. We are dealing with people here. There are many factors that go into personnel evaluation. One of my beefs with Haz was that he was always enamored by great athletes and not great ball players. I don't think I'll ever forget 3 draft picks for Tesucky. How many of you along with me said WTF!? when they moved up to get Sullivan. He might have been worth getting to give a shot. But they certainly could have gotten him at the pick numbers they traded away. Plain goofy for people being paid major bucks to make those calls that you and I can see through.

So just a little rant here. Thanks Bongo for avoiding our little circle.
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Kels, entertaining read man. I never heard of this Bongo character, but I do recall some guy who came to this site a while back saying he used to work in the Saints front office or he was in the Saints front office or something. He got all pissed when people questioned it even a little bit. Does noone question this guy? But what I said about the guys on this site I felt is true, I trust a lot of you guys' opinion more than "experts," cause I know a lot of us put some damn good time into coming up with our beliefs on certain players, or the direction of the team. Just cause we don't get paid for it, doesn't make our opinions any less valid.
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and as far as a particular team, think how much time, effort, and energy many of us burn following our beloved gold n black clad lads. It is hard for me to believe any national writer or site master that follows the entire league could know near as much about the Saints as many here do. We knew exactly had bad Victor Riley was or how fast Gandy got old and slow.

I promised myself I wouldn't start any more threads about our departed QB. I will mention here though if you haven't seen it- some left coast papers were carrying a story today saying "Brooks Not The Answer". Maybe the raiders organization isn't as bad as I thought. It took them only 5 weeks to find out what it took 5 years to conclude.

Check the Bongo stuff out if you are looking for some good entertainment. The guy does bring some stuff to the table worth thinking about-
there are several threads here:
the aforementioned 56 page thread here:
and some at SR too

As said, it is almost as interesting to me as a social/internet phenomenon as it is of football interest.
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I was reading one thread, and the guy said "Well, my sources tell me..." U huh, fraud alert. I'd rather he had said we he thought HIMSELF then used a "my sources tell me."
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Merces Letifer
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In 1950 something, Jane Dixon predicted that the president elected in 1960 was going to be a democrat and be assassinated or die in office.
In 1960, she contradicted her previous prediction when she predicted John F. Kennedy (democrat) was going to lose the election.
Of course, she's now famous for predicting JFK's assassination.

So many people have posted so many scenarios that someone is bound to hit it just like it'll go down, then that someone will be hailed as guru.
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Yeah as I recall saintswhodi and I had a field day with this guy calling him out...
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you know about curiosity.........
but, i just had to go and read as well.........
call it what you may.............
one thing i did notice that no one else had noticed is his typing pattern........
i'd swear if b&b did some comparisons, he would freak............. anyway, he mentioned he worked for or with jim finks...........he also said he knows or follows n.o. the most...........his draft scenerios change post to post, but this does not surprise me as this is the nfl draft and sheet happens every minute.........what i really don't like nor agree with is he has the saints drafting mario or is the highest on their list and that the saints are shopping grant to 4 teams. i don't care who they shop, but not mario at 2 or 4 or 7 or whatever, please.......
he has also stated that he thinks loomis has well overplayed his draft worth.......... by doing so......................and whoodi, people do argue and question him, especially saint fans......
he gives good scenerios or just scenerios people want to hear, or crave to hear and thus the following...........the lastest i read was the raiders offering their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd plus porter if i'm not mistaken and loomis wanted their 1st for 2007 as well and was turned down by davis. this, i could have lived with , with maybe a 2nd or 3rd in 2007 but, oh well..........
me, i believe there will be a run on the top 3 qb's and if we do drop, we should still have a chance to get a starter on defense or offense.............tick, tick,tick............smitty
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i always find it hard to beleeive when someone says that either A) they work for nfl teams or B) they have a family member on the saints and that they can find out inside info. i guess i am just a skeptic but i never beleive those people. a lot of people are what i call jerk bottoms. always trying to pass themselves off as something they are not. i wish i knew when regular life became so boring that you are inventing who you are
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