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FWtex 04-28-2003 10:53 PM

Saints now have options?
I did not see or hear the draft take place but as soon as I was able to view the picks I was floored with a "what the F" were they thinking thought... especially when Henderson and Bailey went so late. What was up with that?

Now though I am on board with this draft by the saints. It appears they have added depth that will give them potential trade options if that is what it takes. Did the saints realise they were not going to fill all the Defensive holes in the draft and think of building depth for trade bait?

Would you trade an Off Line. or someone like Pathon for a Defensive need? Maybe not straight up for the caliber player we could use at CB or MLB but maybe throwing a player in would seal a deal. Could/Would a straight up M. Lewis trade give us a shut down corner?

Cie Grant, if he is the hard worker everyone says he is could be a monster for the saints in a short period of time. Since when is a guy who is able to play CB, Safety and LB in major college football considered a weakness? If he develops can you think of a better LB on passing downs? The one play that comes to mind for me is Moss's touchdown when he had a mismatch on the LB. Maybe I am dreamin a little too much here but could you see a big strong player like Cie challenging/frustrating Moss at the line (not going to cover him) and tieing him up with the knowledge that (now) a safety will be there to help out when Moss breaks loose.

If Sullivan is able to stuff the run up the middle and get some pressure up the middle then I feel the current LB group will be improved. Saints still need to add another piece or two to the Defense but even now i feel they are much more improved ... at least on paper. Saints now have the ability to bring speed from every position and keep bringing it with depth.

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