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pakowitz 04-29-2003 12:08 PM

Bill to stop Saints blackouts on TV passes in House

The Associated Press
Posted on April 29, 2003
BATON ROUGE - Local television blackouts of Saints games would be banned by the state under a bill that sailed through a House committee on Monday.

The NFL has warned the proposal could cost New Orleans its status as frequent host of the Super Bowl if it passes, but no one on the House Appropriations Committee objected to the bill by House Speaker Charlie DeWitt.

The measure would prohibit television contracts from blacking out local pro football games. The law would take effect if four other states pass the same law.

The NFL and television networks impose local TV blackouts if games are not sold out 72 hours before kickoff.

The Saints have not been blacked out in their past 22 home games. Only two other states have considered the law.

DeWitt, D-Lecompte, said he would consider amending the measure, which goes next to the full House for debate, to address the NFL's Super Bowl concerns if needed, but DeWitt said he hasn't gotten any requests for that.

No one spoke in opposition to the bill Monday.

"Being as we fund it with taxpayer money, I just think we shouldn't have a blackout," DeWitt said of the Saints games.

The state made a deal with Saints owner Tom Benson to pay him $186.5 million if he keeps the team in New Orleans for 10 years.

The bill is set up to be applied only to future television contracts or further negotiations of contracts, not to current contracts.

rusta 04-29-2003 12:15 PM

Bill to stop Saints blackouts on TV passes in House
that\'s awesome, i hate the black out rule, i just hope ticket sales will stay up so they don\'t regret it

now if they could just sunday ticket off of direct tv

WhoDat 04-29-2003 02:54 PM

Bill to stop Saints blackouts on TV passes in House
That\'s a shame... bye bye Super Bowl. The Super Bowl SUPPOSEDLY generates something like $300 million for the host city. The local economy would make that back in one Super Bowl... maybe not the state, but it\'s all the same pool of money. That\'s a dumb law considering it\'s not likely to go into effect any time soon, but the NFL may take away the Super Bowl just because it passed. Which basically translates into them having just pissed away $300 million dollars. Ah your Louisiana State Legislature hard at work. Let\'s have a hand for them boys.

rusta 04-29-2003 02:58 PM

Bill to stop Saints blackouts on TV passes in House
the article says the nfl has threatened not done, i\'m sure if they tried to take away the super bowls scheduled for new orleans they would sue the nfl and probably win, besides everyone in the nfl loves to have it in new orleans cuz it\'s the perfect location

why is it a dumb law?

WhoDat 04-29-2003 04:00 PM

Bill to stop Saints blackouts on TV passes in House
I don\'t believe there are currently ANY Super Bowls scheduled for New Orleans, and the next available one is in 2009.

It\'s a dumb law for a couple of reasons... A. The Saints have sold out all of their last 26 games or whatever that figure was. How does putting the games on TV help the state and its people? Really? You get to see a game. Congrats. At a potential cost of $300+ million to the local economy.

B. The law doesn\'t go into effect now. So the games can STILL be blacked out. In fact, this law may never go into effect. Yet, the NFL could take away the Super Bowl just b/c the State passed it. So in essence, you\'ve created a big liability (the potential for the NFL to take away it\'s $300 million shot in the local economy\'s arm) in return for... nothing.

Hopefully nothing will ever come of this and it will just fade into obscurity... but to me, it seems like ONE big liability with no pay off.

FWtex 04-29-2003 11:03 PM

Bill to stop Saints blackouts on TV passes in House
What will it take for Louisiana politicians to stop killing the state with these stupid bills. The thought they are even spending time on a bill about 8 sunday football games a year when there are so many more desperate needs is reason enough to remove everyone of them from office. Is LaCompte even in the black out zone?

The comment that the state funds part of the saints so it has a right to no black outs is an idiotic statement. That is like telling a cop he can\'t give you a ticket because you pay his salary. The reason the state sends funds to the saints is so they stay in the state. One of the reasons the state does not want them to leave is so New Orleans does not lose the Superbowl.

The superbowl brings not only money the week of the superbowl but free tourism advertising the state or New Orleans could never ever afford if they had to pay for it. Before the season even starts the league and the game broadcast crews mention the superbowl host city multiple times in passing conversations. Name repitition is what advertising is all about.

The state would never win a lawsuit against the NFL for the rights to a superbowl. NEVER! The superbowl is not a given for any city and New Orleans is already facing more competitin from cities who like never before. St Louis, Atlanta, Detroit, and soon Dallas and Houston. Add to that Arizona, San Diego, Pasedena, Minnesota, Tampa, Miami, and so on, and so on.

The state should be doing just the opposite of what they are doing to the NFL. They should start offering breaks to the NFL for the right to a guarenteed contract to host the Superbowl every 4 years for the next xx years. Soon New Orleans will be LUCKY to get a superbowl once every 8-10 years.

If you like football in New Orleans or pro sports in General in New Orleans then I would fight like HEck that this does not go through. The NFL does not need New Orleans as much as New Orleans needs the NFL.

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