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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; What to look for tomorrow: Orien Harris, DT, Miami. Could have been a high second round pick. Very good DT athlete. Quite a beast, but there are questions about his work ethic. Max Jean-Gilles, OG, UGA. Beast. Huge frame. Mel ...

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Still Available!

What to look for tomorrow:

Orien Harris, DT, Miami. Could have been a high second round pick. Very good DT athlete. Quite a beast, but there are questions about his work ethic.

Max Jean-Gilles, OG, UGA. Beast. Huge frame. Mel said he should have gone a LOT sooner.

Jonathan Scott, OT, Texas. Big guy who could be a solid pickup.

Ryan O'Callaghan, OT, Cal. 6'7" 367. Massive.

Guy Whimper, OT, East Carolina. Mel Kiper has him rated 5th best available.

Fred Matua, OG, USC.

Gabe Watson, DT, Michigan. Inconsistent, but absolutely amazing talent. Big, run-stuffer. Very interesting here. I would love to see us get him or Harris with our 4th rounder.

Rodrique Wright, DT, Texas. Very big, lazy?

Kyle Williams, DT, LSU. Love him, great work ethic, great character, great motor. Just a little lacking on the athletic side. Sounds too much like Brian Young for me to want him badly.

Leon Williams, ILB, Miami. Very Thomas Howard-esque. Great athlete, but lacks football instincts. Ran a 4.61.

AJ Nicholson, OLB, FSU. Character issues, but unbelievable player.

Alan Zemaitis, CB, Penn State. Tall (6'1") but does not have great speed, 4.53. Good on run support, good tackler.

Dee Webb, CB, Florida. Nasty athlete, relatively short, but pretty fast (4.45). Good leaper, inconsistent in coverage.

Anwar Phillips, CB, Penn State. Very productive, don't know how good of a pro he's supposed to be.

Josh Huston, PK, Ohio State. Good kicker. Worthy of our 7th rounder?

Also, still two VERY good safeties left (Ko Simpson and Darnell Bing). Freakin Harper....

Feel free to add any that you guys are looking for.
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We'll prob take Darnell Bing.
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Gilles, Nicholson, Scott and Watson should be big targets for us. Whimper had a great Combine too. He'd be a nice pick up for depth.

I've heard that Bing could get converted to LB as well...not a bad project if he lasts.
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GET MAX!!! than try and get AJ, after him Williams, and 7th go after Houston.
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Nicholson, Matua, Harris, Watson, and Phillips would be excellent 2nd day pickups. Williams wouldn't be so bad either. Look what Lavalais did for the Falcons... Williams is in the same mold.

You guys still remember how much hype Wright was getting last year? Man if he would have left last year, he easily would have been selected early on the first day. It's amazing how much one year did to the guy.
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With Leinart and Wright, I wonder if this will lead more juniors to say"I have to make the jump now. Lord knows what will happen in a senior season: injury or underperform the hype!"
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Max Jean Giles, Fred Matua, Jonathon Scott, Rod Wright, Kyle Williams or Josh Huston....if we get at least 2 of these guy, I'll consider this draft a success. One of the best players to come out in a while out of round 1, a starting Center in rd. 2, depth at FS in round 2, and then a good depth or solid starter on the line with Jean-Giles or Matua, and good rotators at the D-line in Williams or Wright....and then finally a Carney replacement with Huston....I'll take 2 or 3 of them....and I'll be happy
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depth at FS in round 2
This makes me wanna puke.
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I said it all week leading up to the draft...we need to get something other than special teams play out of our 2nd and 3rd rounders...and here we go again...lets see how it goes tomorrow.
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I'm sure I'll gripe more about this in another thread. Geeez, how many friggin safeties do we really need on the roster? Today was a fustercluck on several levels. Jeff Faine? I was sick over that.

Now I've calmed myself a minute and looked at the guys who are left and knowing that Houston can only take one of them in front of us. I'm opposed to trading down in round 4 because some guys who might actually come in and start are still on the board. My bias is towards offensive linemen, if we don't get serious about taking care of Brees and blocking for Reggie, we're going to have a long and injured season. The offensive line isn't ready for prime time right now.

The Best of What's Left--basically in my order of preference for the 4th round pick:
1. Max Jean-Gilles--G--Georgia, the guy should have gone in round 2 and was a steal in round 3. I'm putting him tops on the list because I'm pretty sure he could come in and start tomorrow. He played at tackle in college and in a pinch maybe we could move him to RT.

2. Greg Eslinger--C--Minnesota--I know I may be in the minority here, but I don't think Faine is anything other than depth. It isn't reasonable to me to drop 9 spaces in round 2 for a guy that wasn't going to start for the Browns. Eslinger is super smart and works really hard. He might be able to start by week 1. Mike DeGory is a possibility here too, I prefer Eslinger a bit better.

3. Gabe Watson--DT--Michigan--I know he's lazy and takes plays off. But really, we're talking about a 4th rounder here. If he turns into Sullivan, we can cut him with no problems. He's well built to play the nose. Our linebackers would look a lot better with better play from the DTs.

4. Babatunde Oshinowo--DT--Stanford--Smart player, hard worker, grades a little behind Watson, but he plays harder and is also a NT.

5. Alan Zemaitis--CB--Penn State--I'm reluctant to suggest ANY more draft picks EVER in the secondary, but the kid could join our already large group of nickel and dime backs. He might work into a decent #2 and grades out higher than Blackmon or Josh Lay.

The Best of What's Left in no Particular Order for Rounds 5-7:
Mike DeGory--C--Florida--Faine isn't the answer or they wouldn't have gotten LeCharles.
Ryan O'Callaghan--G--Cal--Decent for interior line depth, there will be competition this year.
Jonathan Scott--RT--Texas--He played on the left at Texas and is also lazy, but I don't have a lot of confidence in Stinchcomb and Scott grades out really well.
Rodrique Wright--DT--Texas--Lazy, but a pretty high grade.
Kyle Williams--DT--LSU--Plays really hard. He's a football player and the homers will like him. Seems like more of a 1 gap guy and we have a ton of those.
Tim Dobbins--ILB--Iowa State--I almost listed him above with my 4th round candidates, but I just can't see it with the offensive line the way it is and I don't think he could start over the guys we have. Grades out really well, could be a good value in round 5.
Kai Parham--ILB--Virginia--Very good player, not a fiery leader type. I wonder if we can even draft a LB.
Dale Robinson--ILB--Arizona State
Will Blackmon--CB--Boston College--Mentioned a lot on this board. I'm not real excited about adding anyone to the secondary, but I think he could start before the season is out.
Josh Lay--CB--Pittsburgh--Another possible candidate, seems to fit the Payton mold.

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