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Here goes my hero

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; me too poppa and i look forward to what we are building...

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me too poppa and i look forward to what we are building
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Watching that video has me so excited about seeing this guy play for us. He was my favorite player in college, I would watch any game televised because you think that everytime he touches the ball you are going to see something special. An absolute stud, I can't wait until he is making these cuts and plays in black and gold.
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Old 04-30-2006, 05:44 PM   #13
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Amazing!!!! I can't wait to see him do that in Black & Gold.
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What impresses me about him besides his Sanders-like moves is the way he uses his blockers. He's got great vision and speed. What we'll need is some good downfield blocking by WRs and Bush will kill.
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Old 04-30-2006, 06:51 PM   #15
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for sure scotty. he has vision to like i have never seen. faulk comes to mind and the obvious sanders comparison. also having seen clips of gail he does have that cut on a dime ability. really a different type player. tomlinson is 5'10 221. i am sure reggie can add about 15 pounds over the next two years. that will make him about 215+. good enough
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I've been keeping up with this guy and when we finished last season the only thing Isaid was, "Damn, we were so close to getting reggie bush". I'm still in complete shock that it happened. I've been playing out how we could trade up to get him but knew it wasnt likely with the needs we had but... Thank you Texans. It's a true football miracle for Saints fans, this guy is Mike Vic at running back/ wide reciever/ kick returner but on a even higher level then Vic. His work ethic is amazing, ask Tomlinson who he spent a summer with training. Tomlinson, known for being a workaholic taught Bush what it takes to train to be the best and Bush went fanatical about it.. It's hard to believe but its true, we have a miracle on our hands. If we run the right plays on offence, with the weapons we have and a healthy Brees, I feel bad for the NFC south, NOT! HAHA!

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had to watch that video again...........
how do you put your hands on something you cant' touch?
containment just took on a whole new meaning...........
give this boy a hole and........ hell, just give him the ball....................smitty
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Old 04-30-2006, 07:28 PM   #18
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i feel ya saint the kid is amazing
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hey smitty it is like vick but better
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For comparison, watch and you decide.

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