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Dhatboi 04-30-2006 08:22 PM

Duece Likes saints decision
just heard on espn deuce states he like the decision to go with bush saying itll be great for both of there carrers and him also sayin" heck i would have took him, hes just that good"

so good no early drama

D_it_up 04-30-2006 08:55 PM

RE: Duece Likes saints decision
Bush will really prolong Deuce's health and his career...It will take a ton of the load off of him. I/'m so excited abgout nhavinhbg nhm tnhat I spilled a plate of rice onh my keybgoard....tnhat/'s wnhy tnhere are so manhy typos.

TheDeuce 04-30-2006 09:00 PM

I really see the Deuce/Reggie combo working like the LenDale/Reggie combo. Deuce really is a good back in short yardage situations, and is very good at wearing defenses down. Then Reggie's world class speed at the RB position will allow him to take advantage of that, and of situational downs.

I also can't imagine Reggie being confined to strictly a RB role on this team. I see him being a slot receiver who catches balls in the flats, and goes in motion, and basically just scares the hell out of opposing defenses that they're going to miss one tackle on Reggie and he's gonna be gone. Like that SI writer said, one of the fastest most elusive RBs ever on one of the fastest surfaces ever. Watch out. I'm pumped. Still worried about some defensive positions though.

saintbuck 04-30-2006 09:02 PM

We are about to redefine the term Thunder and Lightning. :twisted:

hagan714 04-30-2006 09:08 PM

RE: Duece Likes saints decision
with WRs that can catch, a QB that can throw. Duce will not see 8 in the box as much. Bush lining up all over the place the D will be always shifting.
Yep FA and Draft will help his career.

BiggPoppaFro4 04-30-2006 09:20 PM

just think how much Hilton will benefit as well...D's have to acct. for alot against us this year

Bise 04-30-2006 09:35 PM

So what do we do with Bennett? Just use him as a back up is my guess.

jnormand 04-30-2006 10:24 PM

Use Bennett as a spotter for Deuce. Thats all he was signed for anyway. Bennett can probably teach Bush some things that Deuce can't.

I really think that our offense is going to be good this year.

SaintsfaninVA 05-01-2006 05:05 AM

yea i think bennett is just a safety precaution for the most part, he is a very fast back though, he'll get his share of touches on the ball and he and deuce should be very good mentors for mr. bush.

FatiusJeebs 05-01-2006 09:17 AM

Wow.....this has to be the most impressive "running back by committee" situation I have ever seen.

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