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lumm0x 04-30-2003 09:28 AM

Why not getting Boss has bigger implications
I had read somewhere that the topic of Boss Bailey in the 2003 draft had a couple of twists that might elevate his value as high as 12th for the Rams. It was stated that whoever selected Boss would gain the inside track on obtaining the services next year of brother Champ Bailey who is a free agent. With the constnt cap issues that Dan Snyder creates it would not be far fetched to see the Skins have to unload a potentially huge contract such as Champ next season.
It seems the Lions have opened the door to that possibility for next season by drafting Boss. I'm sure the opportunity to play with his brother and under Mariucci would be appealing to Champ......and also to the Lions.

WhoDat 04-30-2003 09:44 AM

Why not getting Boss has bigger implications
That was my hope all along too. I heard the same thing. I wanted Boss bad, not only b/c he\'s a stud, but b/c there\'s good reason to believe that Champ will be available next season. If you plan to forego a corner this year, that would be perfect for the \'04 season.

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