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Fiu's Stream of Consciousness Notes on the NFL Draft

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Picks 1-16 By Pete Fiutak Welcome again to my pretentious, goofy and self-serving stream-of-consciousness thoughts and notes on the big games, the broadcasts, the ads and the teams for the attention deficit disordered. E-mail me with your own thoughts and ...

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Fiu's Stream of Consciousness Notes on the NFL Draft

Picks 1-16

By Pete Fiutak
Welcome again to my pretentious, goofy and self-serving stream-of-consciousness thoughts and notes on the big games, the broadcasts, the ads and the teams for the attention deficit disordered. E-mail me with your own thoughts and notes and what you'd like to see. 2005 NFL Draft Notes | 2004 NFL Draft Notes

I love drafts in any form.

My fantasy football draft is bigger than Christmas. I'm in two baseball leagues that I don't follow just to be involved in the drafts. I was once involved in a draft with three friends at a KFC/Taco Bell to see who got the big piece of chicken in the combo pack (I had the wraparound fourth pick meaning a chicken soft taco supreme and the third-seeded chicken breast). Of course, the mother of all drafts is today's national sports holiday.

Beyond the Super Bowl, beyond Monday Night Football, and certainly beyond the games themselves, this is the most interesting thing the NFL does. There's far more second guessing and far more interesting battles going on than anything an on-field battle can produce. NFL fans can get excited about their corporations, er, teams, the teams can upgrade their talent deficiencies, and the college players can realize their dream and become millionaires.

- Big early concern: Four-year-old nephew and two-year-old niece are in town for the weekend and don't quite understand the concept of how vital and holy this day is. They just want to do things like play, go outside, go to the park, get fresh air, and lead lives. That and eat several bowls of Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs.

- To NY Jet fans dying for Reggie Bush and Houston fans whining about not getting him: Bush only has three career college games with 20 or more carries. I'm not saying Bush can't end up being a workhorse back, but he wasn't one in college and still hasn't proven he can be a consistent between-the-tackles runner. Name the current star NFL running back who wasn't a workhorse in college.

- However, Bush would be perfect for the New Orleans Saints. Deuce McAllister might have $50 million coming his way, but putting Bush in the backfield and give him the same role he had at USC isn't a bad idea.

- Of course, they're the New Orleans Saints. Watch for them to deal the pick even though owner Tom Benson has told his guys to get the deal done with the Heisman winner. Watch for Green Bay to do everything possible to move up to the two to give Brett Favre one more weapon to work with in his final hurrah. However, it would take losing Javon Walker to do it.

- The Jet fans are dead ringers for the Eagle fans in 1999 who whined when their team took Donovan McNabb instead of Ricky Williams.

- Watch for Matt Leinart to be the free faller. Late word is that he he might free-fall to the seven to be a Raider.

- Subway spokesmen challenge: Jared vs. Reggie Bush. My money would be on the fat Jared version as more of a power runner.

- It'll be interesting to see who wants to sell the house to get Bush.

1) Houston Texans

- There's something so, so, so, Houston Texans about this pick. The franchise needs a change and a shot in the arm; a defensive lineman doesn't do that. I'm not the biggest fan of Reggie Bush as a pro prospect, but he does more to change around the franchise this season.
- I know Williams has the best measurables of any defensive end prospect ever. I also know he was a dog with fleas over the first half of last season. He turned things up a notch late and looked unstoppable at times, but so did Aundray Bruce. Williams has got to be consistent.

- No, Williams isn't going to bust by a long shot. But he had better be a Pro Bowler right off the bat considering all the talent in this draft.

- Nice Under Armour scream from Williams in the goofy ESPN opener. Is looking like the Under Armour guy the equivalent of saying someone sings like an American Idol?

- The Texans could've traded down to get Williams.

- Has anyone ever watched a Houston Texan game that that they didn't have to?

- Houston GM Charley Casserly: "Don't boo (Williams), boo me." Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

- Caffeine rules. Eventually, Starbucks will figure out how feed lattes through an IV.

- Akeem Olajuwon went first in the 1984 NBA Draft.

- No, Fletcher (my nephew), we're not watching Little Bear.

- A preemptive boooooooo to all the upcoming headlines that say Super Mario.

- Just as I write that, Chris Berman calls him Super Mario.

- Don't ask questions to draftees about holdouts (like Suzy Kolber did to Bush. It's a business; it's not up to Bush on what's going to happen in the negotiations. That's what he pay the representatives so much for.

- What's the over/under on how many Mario Williams and Reggie Bush games Tom Jackson and Michael Irvin actually watched?


- I ... am ... Paul ... Tagliabue ... I ... am ... not ... a ... robot .. .I ... am ... a ... real ... boy.

- Every prospect looks like a Hall-of-Famer in the highlight packages.

Selection: DE Mario Williams, NC State

- Yes, Fletcher, you can have more fruit snacks.

- Is everyone forgetting about Domanick Davis? He's not Reggie Bush, but it's not like the Texans are completely void at running back.

- Rachel Nichols vs. Sarah Jessica Parker ... which one is the first pick in the ugly hot chick draft? What's more natural, Nichols' hair color or the Dora Fruit Snacks I just gave my nephew?

2) New Orleans Saints

- I know this isn't the right thing to say, but count me among the small minority that believes nothing will be more depressing than the New Orleans Saints this year. There's no one in New Orleans with the disposable income to go to the games.

- My offer to the Saints for Reggie Bush: The rest of my venti latte with three Splendas, my 1978 Ken Anderson football card, and a half a bag of Fritos. That's fair; that's more than the Dolphins had to pay to get Daunte Culpepper from the Vikings.

- Over/under on the number of legal immigrants out of the six guys currently putting up the fence in my backyard: 2.5

- Selection; RB Reggie Bush, USC

- Mario Williams had better be good. He had better be really, really good.

- Sam Bowie went second in the 1984 NBA Draft.

- Don't assume Bush is a Saint. The phones have to still be ringing off the hook.

- Notice the Bush highlights: vs. Hawaii, vs. Fresno State, vs. UCLA, vs. Arizona State, vs. Washington State. You could run for a buck-fitty against those five.

- Once again, I do like this. McAllister will be the workhorse and Bush will do a little of everything else. Drew Brees has to be giggling like my nephew after being attacked by Mr. Pinchy.

- Now the draft gets really, really, fun. The quarterbacks.

3) Tennessee Titans

- It'll be Vince Young. Like I said, I heard Leinart will be sliding big-time.

- Selection: QB Vince Young.

- Michael Jordan went third in the 1984 NBA Draft.

- It's not like Young is a bad passer. His problems are quickly changeable by a good coach like Norm Chow. It's not like he can't pass; he was the nation's leader in passing efficiency before Arizona State's Rudy Carpenter became eligible.

- A rare gaffe by Mel Kiper. Young absolutely kept making that one bad throw a game in his junior year; he just got away with it. He tried to do too much at times, but that comes with maturity.

- Leinart is chomping on his gum like a 14-year-old girl watching a Nick Lachey video.

4) New York Jets

- Come on Jets, take Leinart. Are they going to stick with their convictions and go with D'Brickashaw Ferguson and incur the wrath of the fans? Chad Pennington and Patrick Ramsey are not going to lead anyone to a Super Bowl.

- Chris Mortensen is the best. He could be reading ESPN the Magazine and it would still be interesting.

- Fantastic point by Steve Young. Leinart is the safer pick. No one's going to get fired by taking him, but you could get sacked if D-Brick is decent and Leinart rocks.

- Selection: OT D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Virginia

- What's Leinart thinking right now? "I should've been a (bleeping) 49er."

- Sam Perkins went fourth in the 1984 NBA Draft.

- Leinart will be a Raider at the seven. Why is he getting dogged for being a part of the system and having talent around him and Bush isn't?

- Way, way, way too much has been made out of Ferguson's performance against Mathias Kiwanuka in the Senior Bowl. He was above-average at best last year.

- Don't rule out a few trades kicking in very, very soon. You know several teams are still trying to see what it'll take to get Bush, and you know Green Bay is talking to everyone about the five.

- It is fair. If you're being taken at the four, you'd better be the next Tony Boselli, Orlando Pace or Chris Samuels.

- There's Mel talking about Ferguson against Kiwanuka at the Senior Bowl.

5) Green Bay Packers

- A.J. Hawk makes way too much sense. However, if Green Bay believes Matt Leinart is better than Aaron Rodgers, then it should take Leinart and work it out. Favre is probably on the phone at the moment threatening to quit if Vernon Davis isn't the pick.

- I'm still thinking the Packers are going to end up with Reggie Bush somehow.

- Could Leinart slide to the ten and Arizona? Dennis Green had Randy Moss fall into his lap at Minnesota, and now he could have the same luck.

- Selection: LB A.J. Hawk, Ohio State

- No one's talking about him because of all the other things happening, but he's so quick, so fast, and so good, he could turn out to be the best of the top five picks.

- Charles Barkley went fifth in the 1984 NBA Draft.

- Hawk was the best defensive player in college football AND his measurables were off the board. He didn't just crank out good numbers; they weren't even close.

- This makes up for overpaying for Charles Woodson.

6) San Francisco 49ers

- Alex Smith would've been the fourth quarterback chosen in this year's draft and might not have gone in the first round.

- Does Hugh Jackman get the starring role in the Matt Leinart story, or does Leinart get to be Wolverine in the latest X-Men flick?

- Vernon Davis is crying like my niece after her brother horked her ba-ba.

- Selection: TE Vernon Davis, Maryland

- No, he's not going to hear about the waterworks when he gets to camp. Cryyyyyyy Ralphie, cryyyyyyyyy.

- Melvin Turpin went sixth in the 1984 NBA Draft.

- He's creepy-good. You're not supposed to be this big, this fast, and this good. People keep talking about what a freak of nature Mario Williams is, but Davis is every bit the unbelievable talent.

- I desperately wish I could have hair like Davis. That would be so cool.

- Alex Smith is right now on the phone figuring out how to send a basket of mini-muffins to everyone involved in making this pick.

- STOP SAYING MATT LEINART HAS NO ARM. Jeff George and Ryan Leaf had two of the best arms ever. Joe Montana couldn't throw a ball through a sheet of tissue paper.

7) Oakland Raiders

- Oakland is going need with defensive back. Leinart's arm strength doesn't appear to fit what Al Davis wants to do vertically.

- Selection: DB Michael Huff, Texas

- Alvin Robertson went seventh in the 1984 NBA Draft.

- He has the size, he has the speed, he has the versatility. There's just something a bit worrisome about Texas players. Roy Williams is fine, Vince Young will be a superstar, but Texas players have been, well, average from the Mack Brown era.

- Mort screaming, "How long is the break, how long is the break?" It would be nice if we could all know. We all have some business to take care of.

- That's funny. There's a shot of Jay Cutler, and the mom shoves the phone into his hand like he's supposed to be on the verge of getting a call.

- Nnamdi Asomugha, Phil Buchanon. I'm not saying anything, but ...

8) Buffalo Bills

- Ooooh. Denver is talking about moving up to get Leinart and others are talking about moving up to get Brodrick Bunkley.

- Selection: S Donte Whitner, Ohio State

- The early word on the Marv Levy era has been bizarre. Dick Jauron was a curious hire at best, and now this.

- Whitner isn't a bad player, but why not trade down? His stick was rising big-time over the last few days, but he still could've been had a few picks later.

- Lancaster Gordon went eighth in the 1984 NBA Draft.

9) Detroit Lions

- Could Detroit go Jay Cutler? That has been their guy among the quarterbacks.

- Watch the Lions take Chad Jackson or Santonio Holmes.

- Otis Thorpe went ninth in the 1984 NBA Draft.

- Selection: LB Ernie Sims, Florida State

- Yeah, he was the wild-card with projections going anywhere from the top ten to 25. He's a fantastic athlete, but there has to be big, big worries about concussion problems. He's not the safest pick around because of them.

10) Arizona Cardinals

- Watch the card go up instantly for Leinart.

- Yup ...

- Selection: QB Matt Leinart, USC

- With that receiving corps and with Edge James in the backfield, this is very, very interesting. Then again ...

- Leon Wood went tenth in the 1984 NBA Draft, but Dennis Green got Culpepper at the 11. Ben Roethlisberger also went 11th.

- Leinart is probably a bit ticked off right now, but this is a great fit.

- It's sort of hard to feel too badly for the financial hit Leinart is going to take dropping to the ten as I'm watching some 52-year-old guy hauling fence boards on his back.

11) Denver Broncos trade with St. Louis Rams

- The talk is Cutler, bit it'll be a shock if the Rams don't go linebacker. Chad Greenway might be dropping, but Kamerion Wimbley wouldn't be a bad pick.

- Fantastic job by ESPN of keeping the draft stuff going on the scroll during the ads.

- Kevin Willis went 11th in the 1984 NBA Draft.

- TRADE. Denver moves up to 11. Cutler? Wimbley? Cutler is on the phone.

- Selection: QB Jay Cutler, Vanderbilt.

- Once again, Culpepper and Roethlisberger went 11th.

- With the 14th pick of my 2007 fantasy draft ...

- Why did Denver move up? Cleveland, Baltimore, and Philadelphia weren't going to take Cutler.

- Cutler and Leinart will forever be linked. Do you like the strong NFL prospect who didn't win or the solid NFL prospect who won everything?

- Why is Ron Jaworski yelling at me?

- (cough) Tommy Maddox (cough)

- Stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it. Quit using Dan Marino and Jay Cutler in the same sentence.

- Cutler has a little Kush from Jerry Maguire in him.

- Denver traded the 15th pick and the 3rd round pick in this draft.

12) Baltimore Ravens trade with Cleveland Browns

- Linebacker, linebacker, linebacker. The Browns need one, and they'll have their choice of Greenway, Wimbley, and a slew of others.

- Tim McCormick went 12th in the 1984 NBA Draft.

- Any linebacker the Browns get won't provide the pop my two-year-old daughter just showed earholing my niece to get her smiley face cookie. She's a tall, rangy player with good hip snap and a fondness Blue's Clues and egg white egg salad. A better fit for the 3-4 using her speed on the outside. Can shift to another gear when naked and running away from her parents.

- TRADE: Baltimore trades for the pick. Art Modell wasn't dealt back to Cleveland.

- This has to be a tackle. Bunkley is a great fit, but the Ravens like Ngata.

- Selection: DT Haloti Ngata, Oregon

- Interesting. He has the size and talent, but will have have the motor? He'd better or Ray Lewis will clean his clock.

13) Cleveland Browns trade with Baltimore Ravens

- The Browns get a sixth round pick.

- Jay Humphries went 13th in the 1984 NBA Draft.

- Mark Schlereth is destroying Ngata. ESPN needs to do more of this. They analysts have to do more hard analysis and not just praise every pick.

- Now comes the linebacker.

- How much did Leinart have to pay to be Neo in the ESPN Draft piece?

- My brother-in-law has no interest in watching the draft. Fine, but the LPGA?

- Selection: LB Kamerion Wimbley, Florida State

- Greenway's horrible measurables killed him. Wimbley gives the Browns so much versatility. He should be a pass rushing terror.

14) Philadelphia Eagles

- Will the Eagles go Greenway? Receivers are here and Brodrick Bunkley is still on the board. Winston Justice? After T.O., Philly isn't going to deal with any character issues.

- I'm still shocked the Eagles didn't put their picks together to move up to get more of an impact prospect.

- Michael Cage went 14th in the 1984 NBA Draft.

- I'm going to jinx this, but it's moving along well.

- I want to meet the person who can go into a Wendy's and order a turkey sandwich, trying to eat healthy, and not follow it up with BIGGIE FRY, FROSTY. Put mayo on that sandwich and you might as well order the bacon double cheeseburger.

- Oooooh, Jaws said the Eagles had team meetings this off-season. Oooooh. Super Bowl hear they come!

- Selection: DT Brodrick Bunkley

- He should've gone earlier. He's so strong and so quick, he's a freak of nature prospect. 44 reps of 225?! Please.

- Sims, Wimbley, Bunkley ... yeah, Bobby Bowden has lost his recruiting touch. Yeesh.

15) St. Louis Rams trade with Baltimore Ravens

- The Rams did this perfectly. Greenway is still there for the taking.

- Terrance Stansbury went 15th in the 1984 NBA Draft.

- Oooooh ...

- Selection: CB Tye Hill, Clemson

- Big fan. He's small, but he can really, really move. He's a tough football player who just makes plays. He'll make up for his 5-9 size with his wheels.

- Berman: "(St. Louis) wasn't great defensively even when they were winning divisions." Weren't the Rams number one in total D when they won the Super Bowl?

- Greenway's numbers might mean a slide to the late 20s.

16) Miami Dolphins

- Miami has its pick of good defensive backs here. It would be interesting to find out how much, if at all, Nick Saban wanted Tye Hill.

- John Stockton went 16th in the 1984 NBA Draft.

- Sorry, I missed the last ten minutes arguing with the fence people about everything from nails to the ad they put up on the outside of it. No, I don't have TiVo. Yes, I know it's amazing.

- Selection: DB Jason Allen, Tennessee

- Great story. It was almost a disaster after he hurt his hip after coming back for another season, and now he's a top 16 pick. He kept his speed and athleticism and you know he's not going to have a problem working his tail off. Like Leinart and Cutler, albeit on a lesser scale, Allen and Tye Hill will always be linked together.


Picks 17-32

By Pete Fiutak

Welcome again to my pretentious, goofy and self-serving stream-of-consciousness thoughts and notes on the big games, the broadcasts, the ads and the teams for the attention deficit disordered. E-mail me with your own thoughts and notes and what you'd like to see. 2005 NFL Draft Notes | 2004 NFL Draft Notes

17) Minnesota Vikings

- You know the Vikings were hoping beyond hope for Cutler to slide here. Brad Childress needs a quarterback to build around.

- Will Kellen Clemens or Charlie Whitehurst be targeted in the second round? Minnesota should've tried to put several picks together to move up and get one of the big three quarterbacks.

- Selection: LB Chad Greenway, Iowa

- Linebacker was a glaring need for the Vikings. Eventually they'll get the defense right.

- His combine numbers were lousy, but he was a productive college player. Is he going to be better than Bobby Carpenter? That will be the big call over the next few years.

- Jeff Turner went 17th in the 1984 NBA Draft.

- Has anyone made bigger moves, for good and bad, this off-season than Minnesota?

18) Dallas Cowboys

- Will Bill Parcells take the chance on Winston Justice since he can't go safety with Donte Whitner and Jason Hill gone? Yeah, the Cowboys got T.O., but how scary would the offense by with Chad Jackson as a third target?

- The Draft is like a Greg Maddux pitched game. When it goes at a quicker pace, everyone is livelier and everyone plays better. The ESPNers are better at reading and reacting in the first round and then get stronger at settling in and doing team analysis later on.

- Vern Fleming went 18th in the 1984 NBA Draft.

- Nick Saban raided the Sam "Ace" Rothstein collection for his aquamarine jacket. Next he's going to ask for an equal amount of blueberries to be put in every muffin.

- Selection: LB Bobby Carpenter, Ohio State

- Once again ... Leinart/Cutler, Hill/Allen, and now Greenway/Carpenter. Draft lovers will have food for fodder for the next several years.

19) San Diego Chargers

- Phil Rivers will have every right to break something tasteful if Santonio Holmes or Chad Jackson isn't the pick.

- Bernard Thompson went 19th in the 1984 NBA Draft.

- Shawne Merriman is talking about Drew Brees like he's dead. "He's in a better place now."

- Like Johnny Drama wanting calf implants, I see myself someday looking for an extra 10K to get Trent Green cheekbone implants.

- Under the scrolling notes: Pittsburgh - Won Super Bowl XL. If you didn't know that, you should be watching the What Not To Wear marathon on TLC.

- Fan-fricking-tastic ... a smiley face cookie. I'm the one married guy in the world who likes his mother-in-law.

- Selection: CB Antonio Cromartie, Florida State

- Uhhhhhhhh, that knee of his is a pretty big matzo bell hanging out there with Johnathan Joseph and Jimmy Williams still on the board.

- Kiper said that if Cromartie doesn't work out as a corner, he could play receiver. In other words, there's mega-bust potential.

- Yeah, if he's healthy he's great, but ....

20) Kansas City Chiefs

- KC has to be a little bit ticked. Cromartie might be a question mark, but the Chiefs had to have been targeting him.

- Tony Campbell was the 20th pick in the 1984 NBA Draft.

- Oh crap ... Mother's Day ads? When's that? Didn't we just have to do Valentine's Day? Do I get a card today, the guy version of Mother's Day? Let's be honest; Father's Day sucks.
Oooooh, we get to sleep in an extra hour.

- Selection: DE Tamba Hali, Penn State

- (cough) Michael Haynes (cough)

- He's a great off-the-field story, but he's not strong and, of course, he's from Penn State.

- Fantastic. After a moving story about Hali's background escaping the horrors of Liberia and how he wants to bring his mother over, we're quickly brought back to draft thanks to the Jet fans. Kansas City head coach Herm Edwards gets on the screen and is immediately booed.

21) New England Patriots

- Cornerback is needed with Jimmy Williams, Ashton Youboty and Johnathan Joseph still around.

- Kenny Fields was the 21st pick in the 1984 NBA Draft.

- Could this be a running back? Corey Dillon has some serious tread on the tires.

- Air quotes = comedy. The incessant commercials for ESPN phone are saved by the groupie's "500 yards" line at the end.

- Selection: RB Laurence Maroney, Minnesota

- Love, love, love this pick. The Pat backfield needs more speed and Maroney is a home-run hitter who'll add another dimension to the attack. Look for Indianapolis to quickly panic and try to move up to get DeAngelo Williams.

22) San Francisco 49ers

- The Niners got Vernon Davis at the six, and now it has to be all about the secondary. There are several corners still available.

- Yeah, it should be defense, defense, defense, but the Niners have to upgrade the overall talent. There's nothing wrong with taking a franchise running back like DeAngelo Williams here. Wide receiver would also be a nice addition.

- Tom Sewell was the 22nd pick in the 1984 NBA Draft.

- Selection: DE Manny Lawson, NC State

- Chic pick. Lawson is definitely a first round talent and was one of the hot prospects over the last few days. He's really, really fast but is a bit light. Mario Williams might be good, but Lawson might not be that far behind and is obviously a better value.

- Ack! Nephew invaded the inner sanctum of my offense to inform me he's now a porcupine. His head-butting ability is no match for Pierre La Poke ...

23) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

- Fletcher the Porcupine wins after missing with a punch and knocking Pierre La Poke right in the cheese and biscuits.

- Earl Jones was the 23rd pick in the 1984 Draft. (And that sucker went ten rounds. The best name .... Champ Godbolt taken 184th overall to Boston.

- The Bucs need an offense tackle and Winston Justice is still on the board. This should be a no-brainer, but Ohio State center Nick Mangold is a possibility.

- Great point by Mort. Justice protected Matt Leinart's blind side in college, and Tampa Bay has a lefty in Chris Simms.

- Like I was saying before, the draft coverage is better when things are moving. Chris Berman is struggling to create banter now that the picks are slowing down.

- A dying Berman points out/whines that things are slowing down.

- Selection: OT Davin Joseph, Oklahoma

- Ooooooh. Not bad, but that means Tampa Bay just spent the last 15 minutes trying to trade down. Joseph could've been had around 35.

- Justice is the better prospect, but Joseph isn't going to be bad.

24) Cincinnati Bengals

- Michael McDonald's career should've been destroyed by The 40-year-old Virgin, but it seems like he's getting more work than ever.

- The draft within the draft really kicks in. Chicago has to be working over the rosary beads in a big way hoping the Bengals don't take Marcedes Lewis.

- Defensive end is needed, but is Mathias Kiwanuka a good value here? Manny Lawson might have been considered.

- Michael Young was the 24th pick of the 1984 NBA Draft.

- Nice. Trent Green is asked about tearing the ACL, like Carson Palmer, and ESPN shows shots of Green blowing out his knee and the pain after. Having ripped up my knee twice, my body is in full clench mode right now.

- Selection: CB Johnathan Joseph, South Carolina

- Huh. Interesting. Joseph is unpolished, but very, very fast with good size. Corner isn't a glaring need and Joseph will need work. He has only had one great season. This might be a pick for 2007.

25) Pittsburgh Steelers trade with NY Giants

- I mean, really. How silly are X-Men movies? Why not just wear an I Grock Spock t-shirt and a fanny pack?

- Devin Durrant was the 25th pick in the 1984 NBA Draft

- Santonio Holmes looks as sleepy as my nephew at the Cubs game despite eating a full bag of cotton candy and a super rope of licorice.

- Everyone has been talking about the Giants going linebacker, but receiver might be too tempting not to take.

- Can we keep a camera on Chad Jackson? Why is he surrounded by a ton of hot chicks? More importantly, why am I not surrounded by a ton of hot chicks?

- TRADE: The Steelers move up to get this pick. How many ways could the Steelers go? DeAngelo Williams? Wide receiver? LenDale White?

- Selection: WR Santonio Holmes, Ohio State

- Mmmmm-kay. It's certainly a need pick, but couldn't the Steelers have waited? Who's looking receiver between the 25 and 32?

26) Buffalo Bills trade with Chicago Bears

- The Giants got a third and the fourth round pick to move up seven spots?

- That must be it; Chad Jackson must have fired out a Tag Body Shot.

- Victor Fleming was the 26th pick in the 1984 NBA Draft

- Uhhhhhhh, when did Buffalo trade with Chicago? Shouldn't ESPN be talking about this and not doing promos? Do they have the wrong team up on the clock? Did I miss something ... why isn't Chicago up there?

- Maybe Chicago gave the Bills this pick for the right to keep laughing at the Dick Jauron hiring.

TRADE: Allegedly, the Bills got this pick. I must have been out eating a cupcake. The Bears got the 10th pick in the second round and the ninth pick in the third. They must think tight ends are there for the taking, but a third round pick for this spot isn't enough if they really want Marcedes Lewis.

Selection: DT John McCargo, NC State

- To all those e-mailing me several weeks ago when I mocked that McCargo was a first round talent ... (tongue sticking out) ththhhhwwwwwtwpppph.

- NC State finished 7-5.

- What is Buffalo doing? McCardo and Donte Whitner are nice players, but the Bills drafted them a few picks too early.

27) Carolina Panthers

- Watch the Panthers sprint up to the podium for DeAngelo Williams.

- Ron Anderson was the 27th pick in the 1984 NBA Draft

- Selection: RB DeAngelo Williams, Memphis

- Unlike Reggie Bush, Williams was a workhorse. He's strong enough to be a power back and has incredible quickness.

- Berman needs a nap. He's all over the place.

28) Jacksonville Jaguars

- The picks are flying off the board.

- Selection: TE Marcedes Lewis, UCLA

- The Bears must not have liked him or must be targeting another tight end. Lewis would've been a perfect fit for the Chicago offense, and there will be a ton of screaming among Bear fans if he turns out to be a star.

- Cory Blackwell was the 28th pick in the 1984 NBA Draft.

- Byron Leftwich has a new best friend.

29) New York Jets

- Running back is still a need and there's no DeAngelo Williams, Joe Addai or Laurence Maroney. Winston Justice might be too good a value to pass up.

- Selection: C Nick Mangold, Ohio State

- The Jets have seriously upgraded the offensive line. Can they get LenDale White early in the second round?

- Mangold is the type of player you plug in at center and let him roll for the next ten years.

- Stuart Gray was the 29th pick in the 1984 NBA Draft.

30) Indianapolis Colts

- Wow ... fastest end of the first round ever. The Colts ran up their pick. This has to be either Addai or White. Addai is the hot prospect right now and should be the new Edge.

- Selection: RB Joseph Addai

- With the 14th pick in the 2006 Fantast Draft ...

- The wheels have completely fallen off the ESPN bus. This isn't a smooth day. Everyone's talking, but they're not saying anything.

- Steve Burtt was the 30th pick in the 1984 NBA Draft.

- Oooooh! The Fifa World Cup is coming to ABC! That makes up for the loss of the BCS.

31) Seattle Seahawks

- I have to be the only American outside of Detroit who's watching the Edmonton 3-0 lead over the Red Wings at the same time as the Draft.

- Jay Murphy was the 31st pick in the 1984 NBA Draft

- Pet peeve: Ads where guys are fawning all over a girl who's not that hot. McDonald's should step up better than they did in their ad with the woman with a baby on her back.

- Seattle needs a corner and Jimmy Williams, Richard Marshall, Kelly Jennings, and Ashton Youboty are right there for the taking.

- 3-1 Edmonton.

- When a player is taken is all ego, but outside of money up front, it really doesn't matter. If a player can play, he'll quickly get paid. LenDale White, who's being interviewed right now, looks depressed. He'll be taken early in the second round and will be just fine. A millionaire is a millionaire.

- Selection: CB Kelly Jennings, Miami

- Good speed and great technique. He's not physical, but he can play.

- Has anyone fallen further from the first mock drafts several months ago to now than Jimmy Williams?

32) New York Giants

- Eric Turner was the 32nd pick in the 1984 NBA Draft

- Now that's funny. Berman threw a flag after the Seattle pick.

- The Giants should go for a receiver here with Chad Jackson still on the board. He's be a steal here.

- Selection: DE Mathis Kiwanuka, Boston College

- Uhhhh, O.K. Hey, I'm always for taking the top player available, but the Giants have defensive ends. Jackson would've been a big pick to help out Eli Manning.

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