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LKelley67 05-02-2006 07:57 AM

Draft Pick Report
Summation from The Huddle Report, one of the better sites-

Reggie Bush
->Says Reggie will be an instant franchise player.
->Thinks Reggie could also help you out as a man to man cover corner, on top of being a RB, WR, KR and PR.
->Says he might be a little small to be a "true franchise back" but that you shouldn't be dumb enough to run him 25-30 times between the tackles in a game anyway.
->Thinks Reggie will instantly make the QB and OL better.
->Should be top pick.

Roman Harper
->Absolutely loves the kid, calls him a leader, another coach on the field.
->Thinks he can be a day one starter, always in the right place.
->If you need a safety, thinks it would be stupid not to draft him just because you wanted a little more speed.
->Whoever coached him did "a hell of a job", and he's a "hell of a player".

Rob Ninkovich
->Loves the kid, says his "need to play football" is his biggest strength.
->Improved in each and every game.
->Thinks he would be best off as a MLB in a 4-3.
->Potential pro bowler, New England should be drooling over him because of his "play, character, and heart".

Mike Hass
->Once again, loves the kid. Good size and speed.
->Exceptional hands, quickness, most precise routes he has EVER seen from a receiver coming out of college.
->Is sure he will be a top #1 receiver for his team.
->Calls him Hines Ward, but quicker!
->Doesn't have blazing speed, but has heart and a need to be the best.

Josh Lay
->Excellent athleticism, size/speed, intelligence.
->Could be as good as any corner in the draft.
->Hates to tackle!
->Inconsistency on the field, perhaps a sign of terrible work ethic.
->Does NOT like the kid because of this, thinks he has potential but needs to "grow a backbone".

No profiles for Evans, Colston, or Streif.

Check it out, pay site for much of the stuff

stylee10 05-02-2006 08:51 AM

RE: Draft Pick Report
I've only watched a little bit of film on Lay but I think he could be a real stud. Perfect frame and great athleticism and speed.
Still, I only saw highlights so this dude might be right. Here's hoping he turns into something.

Evans didn't impress me much. Looks like he could become good because of his athletic ability and strength but the film I saw on him didn't show much.

Like Ninkovich a lot. Gritty and looks like he has skills.

Hope Hass makes the roster and gets some playing time.

Good post, L.

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